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Kathrin's Guest Book

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Hi! Welcome to my guestbook- I would be happy if you leave a message...! Have fun! :-)

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Joined: May 10
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Posted: 2010-05-25 11:05 AM   
hoe are you germany girllllllll


Joined: Apr 04
Points: 5264


Posted: 2004-09-13 11:57 AM   
Was just browsing and thought that your signature absolutly rocked!! I fell whils climbing and Im in a wheelchair for a while, thats such a great saying and it certainly rings true to me now.
Drop me a line some time Id love to chat




Joined: Aug 03
Points: 228

hi, how about a chat

Posted: 2004-05-25 11:34 AM   
I can see you online. How about a chat.
I am from India and I am 28 ..m and single. I live in Bangalore and like to see the world and the nature,



Joined: Dec 03
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Hi Kathrin

Posted: 2003-12-28 12:27 AM   
Sorry it's taken so long to respond. I've been working 80 hours a week for a month and a half.

My signature translated means:
Love! He had been born to dream about love, not to experience it. He loved every woman for an instant: this one because she was blond, that one because she had red lips, another one because she swayed as she walked, like a rush caught in the breeze.

-It's from a story I was reading when I signed up. I feel the same way about I forever wander homeless and yet in love with all of the places I've been and yet to be. I love for an instant and never find the love that will bind my to a place.

Hope you've had a happy holidays!

I posted a few pics of Humahuaca. Will post more pics later. I was in 10 countries this year. I have too many pics to count!

Happy New Years!


Joined: May 02
Points: 8309

Great to have you arround!

Posted: 2003-12-11 07:00 AM   
Hello Kathrin,

I just wanted to say that it is really great to have you around here. You are one of the persons who make the world shine around you.

Have a great day!



Joined: Dec 03
Points: 9

hi katherin

Posted: 2003-12-04 02:46 PM   
Thanks for your msg!
I haven't got time to look around this community actually. i will upload photos and articles about the place i've been when i have time, hope soon, ^-^ i think this travel community is very helpful, share information about travelling

Your picture is nice too! look forward to seeing your photo and report soon!

Hiya =3=3


Joined: Nov 03
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Posted: 2003-11-24 09:49 PM   
Hi Kat

Just wanted to say Hi, and that you are my favourite person in Germany! This girl knows how to PARTY and show her mate a good time on their holiday!

Cheers from Australia!

Love Shells xox


Joined: Nov 03
Points: 9 from Pakistan

Posted: 2003-11-18 07:00 AM   
hello..I've just login and have seen you online..getting it as an opportunity and inviting you to come and lets exchange ideas, views etc.. my e-mail addresses are:

ok..byeee...waiting for an early reply.....Uzmat

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