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Top ten countries to visit in 2010

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Posted: 2009-12-30 15:09:00   

I think similar lists are being compiled by a number of agencies, travel companies, tourism boards, etc. I was thinking where I might go in 2010, too and I have not studies any of those lists yet. I thought I could do my own, depending on the standing point where are planet is at these days. I came up with 9 countries. I have visited some of them and yet to visit some, too. I am missing the tenth one. Perhaps, this would be an interesting (and provocative) discussion on GLOBO, what you think the tenth country could be.

1. Albania - dusting off its ancient treasures, transforming into more commercial and money-driven society, but not quite there yet...

2. Antarctica - not a country, but surely a fascinating place on our globe, and given all the stories about global warming, perhaps it is time to have a glance at the ice cap, before the passage from the tip of South America becomes too rough to cross...

3. Brazil - on a verge to become an oil extracting super power, a truly diverse and fascinating country offering virtually everything a traveller might want...

4. Cuba - still clinging to the socialist way of life - how long will it last...

5. Ghana - during the World Cup to witness the electrifying atmosphere as this nation goes far in the competition...

6. Iran - hanging in the balance as changes might happen any time, fascinating and hospitable, incredible value for money...

7. Nepal - as it transforms from centuries-old monarchy into a republic, to see how the royal properties are converted into museums...

8. Republic of South Africa - not during the World Cup, but perhaps a few weeks after, in the spring to see wildlife caring for their offsprings, and see how the country improved its infrastructure and safety record...

9. Turkey - a country in the waiting room to the EU, re-inventing itself, for better or for worse? ...

10. ???

I am looking forward to see suggestion...

Kind regards

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Posted: 2009-12-30 19:44:00   

I suggest Kamtschatka, a peninsula in the east asian part of Russia, where you'll find: bears, smoking volcanoes, geysers (90 of them in one valley), hot springs, taiga and tundra, and not a lot of people. Its history is quite gruesome, but now it styles itself to be a tourist attraction, so it would be advisable to go there as fast as possible, before all the evil of tourism spoils the place.

"To Live In One Country Is Captivity", John Donne, "Change", 1635

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