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Hi. If you want to sign my guestbook feel free to do so!

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Joined: Aug 04
Points: 53340

Cruising Hawaii

Posted: 2009-03-21 10:59 PM   
Hi Robyn,

Thanks for reading and rating my report on Hawaii. It was an incredible experience. I must admit I really enjoyed cruising. It came as a shock to me because I love taking my time to explore with very little people around and that is complete opposite to cruising.

I would love to do it again, one of these days.



Joined: Apr 08
Points: 400

Hello there!

Posted: 2009-03-04 10:07 AM   
Hi Robyn, thanks loads for checking out my report. Hopefully, in the so not distant future I'll be able to see places and things that are 'report-worthy' again :) Travel on!



Joined: Jan 09
Points: 13045

Hi Robyn

Posted: 2009-03-03 06:03 AM   
Hello Robyn
Its nice to have a friend from the youngest country on earth.I look forward to seeing more pics from your part of the world,All the best from Scotland.
Best Regards,Fred.


Joined: Jan 08
Points: 84174

Midnight sun

Posted: 2008-12-01 11:20 AM   
Hi Robyn,

June is the best month to see the midnight sun. I went there on the 20th June, and two days before the day was the longest on the northern hemisphere and therefore the sun was the highest and the brightest in the Arctic.

I think the sun stops setting in Tromso from May and starts setting again in July.

Kindest regards


Joined: Jan 08
Points: 84174


Posted: 2008-11-26 10:28 PM   
Hi Robyn.

Many thanks for the stars on my report. It was a great weekend, indeed and I highly recommend Brittany for holiday. There is really plenty to see and some romantic and atmospheric places like Saint-Malo...

Kindest regards


Joined: Jul 04
Points: 15174


Posted: 2008-11-25 08:27 PM   
Hi Robyn,

thanks for reading and rating my Valledolid report.

Yucatecan cooking is very tasty. Will have to see where I can source the achiote paste from here in England soon, only have enough for one more meal!




Joined: Jan 04
Points: 507

Global warming

Posted: 2008-11-10 06:34 AM   
LoL nice! Yeah, it could be global warming, or it could be just being hammered on sake. Well, I've been through about 16 of them now and as far as I can tell there's no trend. I've been through a few years where it's started hugely early, and a few where it's been hugely late. And I've been hammered for all of them, so I have an unbiased view. haha


Joined: Jan 04
Points: 507

Sakura Fever

Posted: 2008-10-31 02:27 PM   

Thanks for signing in on my profile. I see we have something in common -- our travel is motivated by unique events. One goal of my trip to Bali next year is to see a Kimodo dragon. You, on the other hand, will see a Kimono dragon. hahaha OK, not so funny, I know.

As for the Sakura thing, any time between the last week of March and the first week of April is almost guaranteed. And as a bonus, if you plan to jump straight down to the south, you can follow the Sakura Wave all the way up the island, since it starts in the south. How far down are you going? Why not start in Okinawa, then island hop up to Kyushu, go to Shikoku Island for a day trip just to say "been there, done that, bought the T-shirt," then work your way up Honshu to Tokyo....

Oh wait, you said you have 3 weeks, not 3 months. Sorry. My bad. Well, at the very least, if you can swing it so your start is in Kyushu, you'll have a nice trip up to Tokyo! Drinking under the blossoms all the way!


Joined: Aug 02
Points: 11491

I like that....

Posted: 2008-10-26 02:45 PM   
I like your signature very much.

When travelling is in your blood there is always the need to dream of the next place to discover. Dreams lead to goals and goals lead to discovery. Life is all about discovery, so live life to the full and discover your dreams!

I like that very much!
I arrived to your profile looking for information about Samoa but I saw the signature and I decided to write you.

Good luck and Safari Njema!!



Joined: Aug 04
Points: 53340


Posted: 2008-10-24 04:18 AM   

I just realised you read my report on Kyoto also - thanks.

So you've been to Japan before, if you have some time maybe you could post a few of your pictures, well just a thought, it would be cool to see them.

Have a nice day

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