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Uluru Uniquely Singapore - An Insider’s View (“;) 
With a population of 4 million on a land area of 682 square km, and land being scarce which means ab... more

Uluru Orderly and clean, but a little paranoid perhaps? 
This city-size country did not particularly impress me. Well, let me rephrase that. It did not meet... more

Uluru East Meets West in Singapore 
Singapore, the small, ultra-modern city-state off the Southern tip of Malaysia, proved to be the per... more

Uluru Singapore photo hotspots 
It's a beautiful city, which cannot be appreciated in a great hurry. It really is a bustling metropo... more

Uluru Visiting friends in Singapore 
Singapore is often just a city on your way to your destination. Many backpackers try to get away fro... more

Uluru Few Days in Singapore 
I took a bus from Penang Malaysia down to Singapore for a few days. Crossing the border overland was... more

Uluru Suprising city 
Singapore, being wall to wall concrete is suprisingly refreshing. It is the technological capital of... more

This is just the cleanest city I have ever seen! A great place for a stop over from Europe to Austra... more

My Birth place 
Spick and Span, green garden city, commerical and information hub. Singapore is a typical city, and... more

Uluru Stop-over in Singapore 
The heat was fantastic - if you like the heat and you have somewhere to swim. Its apparently always... more

Working in Singapore 
Singapore is a city and state at the same time. Although over 4million people are living there, I al... more

Singapore - Island city 
Singapore is a small island off the southern tip of Malaysia. It is a modern westernised Asian city... more

A beautiful and very very clean city. The locals really do make you feel at home. Many people who ha... more

Singapore is a place to visit 
There is so much to see and do. I went with friends and we explored and experienced the island’s k... more


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