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Death Road - LaPaz to Coroico

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Posted: 2006-12-18 21:31:00   

El camino de la muerte

The distance between La Paz and Coroico is only about 70km, but the road to Coroico starts on a summit near La Paz - La Cumbre, 4640 meters above sea level, and heads down to 1295 meters above sea level (Yolosa), a more than 3300 meters descent. Not only that the road is extremely steep, but it is also narrow, muddy, and has steep drops of over 1000 meters instead of margins. A recipe for disaster! And disasters indeed occurre - and that is why the road got its name - the Death Road.

(instead of comment under my pics ;))

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Posted: 2006-12-18 21:53:00   

I see now this is the road NE out of La Paz, we came in from Peru and the west which was scary enough too! Making your "death-road" worse, I see that moutain bikers have taken a heart to the route, crazy!


Rudolf "Rangutan" Graspointner

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Posted: 2009-04-25 19:46:00   

hi there... didn´t feel that the wmdr was so dangerous at all, but maybe i was going down with a great company called MADNESS. I really enjoyed the trip and felt really safe, anyway, they give the possibility to hop on the car if somebody doesn´t feel well - which to nobody happend. Anyway, I have seen with wich equipement and especially bikes other companies went down - I was really happy going with Madness and their Rocky Mountain Bikes - which are the best in South America! Before everybody was recomending Gravity to me, which I couldn´t understand when I have seen them how they run down the road, and how split up their group was ... but anyway - it is recommendable to everybody to do the biketrip!!
I´ve heard that there are two hostels in La Paz, where they tell the people that they have to go with gravity ... no idea if it is true ... maybe somebody has some more information on that!? But I was really shocked when I heard about that!

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Posted: 2009-09-01 05:03:00   

La Paz may seems likes a modern city, but after a short walk through the narrow streets this impression vanishes. The Death Road got its name after 8 Israeli travelers were killed in a jeep accident on that road in December 1999. The sceneries on the way, however, are breathtaking, and the adrenalin is pumping. In the future, a paved road is planned to replace the Death Road.

luxury resorts

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