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Uluru What's the real glamor of Barcelona? 
You may find quite a number of excellent travel reports on Globo about Barcelona, and all of them ar... more

Uluru Barcelona - a city post Olympics 
I really shouldn't try to explain Barcelona or even Madrid, as we have so many members who have a be... more

Uluru Spain in December 
After landing in Barcelona airport, my friend Jon and I decided to take the train into downtown. It... more

Uluru Barcelona is a wonder 
In Barcelona, a city founded more than 2000 years ago, you will have all the advantages of o big cit... more

One of the most beautiful cities in the world 
Barcelona is an art nouveau city. When I first arrived I was exhausted from 6 months of 15-20 hour w... more

Uluru Barcelona - a city for everybody. 
Let’s get the crime out of the way first. Surely, for medical notes, the whole idea is easy access... more

Uluru Barcelona the Beautiful 
Barcelona has many distinct areas, all worth a visit. Las Ramblas, Barcelona’s most famous street,... more

Uluru Sagrada Familia - Temple of Mystery 
It is possible to reach the building by several of the tourist friendly transport systems of Barcelo... more

Uluru Catalonian Pride 
The Romans were around in the 3rd century and the Moors before and after that. In 1150 Barcelona bec... more

Barcelona, a city from amazing to wonderful 
I went to Barcelona for holidays, dont need to say a lot about this city because you can find a bett... more

Uluru Best city of this world!!! 
Modernity and ancient sites, the architecture of the beginning of the last century, parks, and high... more

Ahhhh, Spain 
One thing I have noticed in the past 2 1/2 years of traveling is that I never meet any Spainards. I... more

Barcelona (1999) 
Whilst staying with my partner Joanna in Montpellier(France) we decided to take the 4 hour train jou... more

Summer trip to Barcelona 
I recently got back from a summer trip to Barcelona. I was a little apprehensive because I don't spe... more

Accomodation Barcelona -Apartments 
I was really satisfied with the service and the apartments of www.cocoonbarcelona.-com. I rented twi... more


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