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The ten best Globo member’s external webs (travel related)

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Joined: Aug 05
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Posted: 2006-12-27 00:42:00   

I do not know if you have noticed the Globo members showing their own web site, travel related. Some members use Globo just to promote their webs with propaganda about the companies where they are working, but some others are really travel-inspiring, especially the following ten:

1 - wojtekd….

This site is one of the best related with travels, not only in Globo, but in whole net. Wojciech is one of the top travellers in the world. His web is amazing, hard to believe that a single man can achieve so much and travel to so many places in only one life.

2 - vagamundos….

Carlos is a pioneer Globo member that, unfortunately, does not show up often in Globo. He travels 6 months every year and explains in his web (in Spanish and English) his experiences illustrated with pictures.

3 - daniserralta…

Dani web is very practical, with advises for the future travellers, and with many pictures taken during his three very long voyages around the world (South America, Asia and Africa).

4 - whereisliz…

Very helpful site for travellers, especially for beginners. She has even a “contact Liz” to answer questions on line.

The best of her site, in my opinion, is her humane philosophy, travel related, and her lovely picture in the front page where Liz is seen walking in the oceans with a fond of the world globe. She also furnishes many useful links related to travels.

5 - travelalain…

Site in German language with a section devoted to travels (Reizen) with pictures.

6 - bootlega…

Basically his page is devoted to his hometown Edmonton, in Canada, but has a section dedicated to his travels in Japan, China, South Korea, France, etc., very interesting.

7 - rangutan:

This site is very appealing. Our friend Rudi is working in 71 lists to complete goals, from visiting all the countries of the Californian “Travellers Century Club” to seeing all Harrison Ford movies.

8 - polytrad…

Bertrand is member of a photography club where he shows his best pictures taken in Tahiti and other destinations, along with his biography and comments.

9 - kandath…

In his personal web Kandath explains about his loved Kerala and includes a Guest book.

10 - janchan…

Gianluca is helping unfortunate people in the, so called, “third world countries” to relieve them from their adversity. His site, with very appealing information and pictures, is called White Tara, which is the Sanskrit name for the Tibetan goddess of compassion.

Just my two pfennig for Christmas times.

isaac molina

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Posted: 2006-12-27 13:20:00   

An interesting collection Isaac. This reminds me to have a look at profiles now and again, the data changes very often without us noticing it.

I invite members to also use with our same nicknames, we can then compare progress in lists like the UNESCO Heritage Sites or Countries visited and the given homepage-links there back to GLOBO bring a lot of new visitors to us here.


Rudolf "Rangutan" Graspointner

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