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We are getting there!

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Posted: 2005-07-07 15:27:00   

Hi everybody,

I am happy to see so many new active members participate on GLOBO. It looks like the reshaping and adjusting of the site does help the members to get a better orientation, plus the senior members are more and more involving the juniors which are getting seniors, too.

A good sign is, that I am actually loosing track of who is really participating activly since there are really a bunch of new great active members. I am wondering how interesting it will get once we have about 50 - 100 members online?! We are getting there ;-)

Have fun!


PS: To all members who speak german... The german globo version is in production and if you can, then please publish a report in german. This will help to jumpstart the german page.

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Posted: 2005-09-26 18:53:00   

Do not hurry about the increasing success in GLOBO!

Hello Globo management!

Congratulations for this wonderful Web site! Since I joined it I have many new friends and get pleasure reading their reports and watching the beautiful pictures, and that makes me travel with the imagination without leaving home. Thank you for that. Regarding this forum about the members increase in Globo in the future (up to 50 or even 100 at the same time are expected) I want to give you my opinion: Please, do not hurry! When that moment will arrive (and will arrive for sure) we will lose control at a human scale and the present members will not feel like a “family” anymore, knowing each other, appreciating each other, missing each other. Everything will be more impersonal. Too many pictures and reports will appear and that will make us lose time selecting the best; every day there will be hundreds (if not thousands) of new pictures, no time to see them all, no time to read all the reports. Only having a look at the members connected on line will take us several minutes. Now everybody knows who is gloriajames, rangutan, bear495, davidx, eirekay, downundergal, mistybleu, wojteck, ta-shy, picasso, britman, etc. But in the future, just imagine the situation: who is this new “aeiou”? And that “tvxyz”? And “bcdfgh”?…etc. Little by little everything will grow faster and faster, bigger and bigger, like a snowball, without time for integration between the new and the old members. Lobbies of newcomers will be created who will have relationship mainly among themselves. The oldest members will have to do the same in order not to be left aside and lose contact… No, I do not want to think yet about that possibility sacrificing quality in the sake of quantity. Perhaps for the enterprise Globo that moment will be a success, I understand, and it seems that is unavoidable, but, please, please, do not hurry!

Thanks for your attention

Jorge Sanchez

Bonum est faciendum et prosequendum, et malum vitandum.

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