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Posted: 2005-07-02 20:08:00   

Some suggestions to the vertical "Your Menu" bar/menu on the left-hand-side of the GLOBO-start-page:

1) Should this only show the "Top 3 Members"? Why not the top 10, perhaps 40 current active members? There is place below, "member snaps" could even be lifted above it if needed.

2) Perhaps an option in addition to "last week" and "all time" is a new "last month" option, which will also help staff select MoM (according to uploaded quality naturally) and certainly promote more contact and also competition amongst members.

3) Further, could we do without the points indication, or can the bar be widened? That would make more space for the whole name of the members displayed there, rather than be abbreviated. Examples:

fieryfo. (not a foe!) i.s.o. fieryfox

mariann. (not mary-ann) i.s.o. marianne

nedkell. (no a kellner) i.s.o. nedkelly

mortime. (more time?) i.s.o. mortimer

polytra (sounds feminine) i.s.o. polytrad

ranguta. (silly name anyway?) i.s.o. rangutan

magsale. (ale/beer?) i.s.o. magsalex

bootlegg. (incomplete) i.s.o. bootlegga

cyclebo. (lebo=dirty in zulu?) i.s.o cycleboy

wolfgan. (Afgahni?) i.s.o. wolfgang

willaue. (masochist?) i.s.o willauer

esfahan. (chicken?) i.s.o esfahani

This is not an urgent request, neither an error, but certainly would be an improvement sometime in the future. It just needs response and can easily be changed IF some members wish. A comment or simple and plain "yes" or "no" to points 1,2 & 3 is sufficient, what do other members think?

[ This Message was edited by: rangutan on 2005-07-02 20:39 ]

Rudolf "Rangutan" Graspointner

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