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Cameras - BIG vs small?

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Posted: 2011-03-29 23:37:00   

I thought about posting this in Wojtekd's topic on cameras for back packers, but I think it is a subject all it's own. I have three cameras that I am currently using: a Canon EOS with lens and flashes, a Canon 600SD with an underwater housing and a Panasonic Lumix TZ5 with 10x zoom (which I bought on Whereisliz's advice).

I rarely take the EOS because it's just too much to carry and I am usually hiking through my vacations. The 600SD is always in my purse due to its small size. It also has been a great dive camera since zoom is usually not an issue underwater. I find I use the TZ5 the most because of the zoom BUT I am constantly irked because the setting knob on top turns and I am inadvertently in Sunset mode or some other setting that ruins a picture opportunity.

What are people using? And how do you feel about taking lots of gear vs pocket cameras?

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Posted: 2011-03-30 14:22:00   

Hi Eire,

I have recently bought Nikon D7000, which is much smaller than my long-running Fujifilm Fine Pix S3 Pro - unless I attach the huge and heavy battery pack to the Nikon. I have stayed away from compact digital cameras for two main reasons:

- picture quality (rather poor)
- shutter delay

Large camera tends to attract much more interest from local population, which often invites to be photographed. Small cameras do not have the same pull effect.

However, as I also like to do a lot of hiking and walking when exploring new places, I have grown rather tired of lugging very heavy photographic equipment. I remember times when I was crazy enough to drag a couple of lenses and a tripod! No more!

I have not tested my new Nikon D7000, and my imminent trip to Ghana will be a good opportunity to have a go at what it is like. The new feature of the new camera is its battery. A Nikon unique unit, rather than the popular, readily available AA type, which comes handy when I go to a remote place and might face a shortage of power sockets for a longer period of time. Now, as the Nikon D7000 should take pictures in low light conditions, I ditched the tripod (I had done that before with Fujifilm, compromising on quality slightly when shooting at ISO 1800) - it has a good ISO range (regular to 6400, expandable to 24800) with decent noise reduction function.

I have been dreaming of a nice, compact camera with flawless optics, excellent zoom, massive internal memory, huge number of megapixels and no shutter delay. But I think we still need to wait for this one.

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