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Panarama pics?

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Posted: 2004-05-31 19:54:00   

I'm looking to buy a new camera and thought i should finally go digital. Does anyone know what type of camera or function i need to look for if i want to take panarama pictures. They look really fantastic... I bet they're expensive aren't they?

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Posted: 2004-06-08 12:26:00   

When I make panoramic pictures with my digital camera, I make 3 to 4 overlapping shorts of the sceneries (or more if needed) and use a stiching program (mostly delivered with the camera) to stich these photos together into a panoramic photo.

Some camera's have this function in them (they show the previous photo), but mine (cheap one) doesn't has that so I do it on sight. Make sure they overlap for 20 to 30% so that the stiching program can recognise it.

Don't let this function control the price of your camera.

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Posted: 2004-08-27 09:25:00   

Just go ahead and buy the camera Kat. The panorama software often is included.

I've posted a few examples of what you'll be able to do with a Canon G5 and the standard software that comes with the camera. Mind you, to do a good panorama shot, you'll need to be quite exact in camera positioning. The standard stitch software helps a lot but you might need to edit manually... (I hope you like Photoshop ;-])

See more photo's: See the current Diveblog:

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Posted: 2004-09-30 00:40:00   

I've bought a Canon Powershot A80 with a 512Mb CompactFlash Card. All togheter it was no 500 EUR. And because camera's and all fancy electronical stuff is not cheap in Belgium, I think I did a great bargain.

In the camera, there's the panoramic function. This is a helping function to (as travelalain already put it) let picturs overlap. And the software that comes along with the camera helps you make them at least as great as the ones on The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you need something lake a stative to put your cam on, to be able to take the perfect matching pictures.

For the rest of it all, the camera is just AWSOME. The quality is remarquable and the functions are easy to handle, though very technical!! The best buy I've ever made.


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