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beata's Travel log

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my travels my work, my life, sorry for my english.. not so good, as i m polish .. but i wanted it to be possible to read for all my friends..

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Oct 18, 2007 06:00 PM speed the japanese:)

few more pict from odaiba and harajuku.. tokyo fashion:)

Oct 17, 2007 06:00 PM speed the japanese:)

speed the japanese:) two weeks i didnt write nothing.. but... not because there as nothing going on.. i have 45 min to wirte asmuch as i can about last weekends:) it was just great...
i think u have to come to japan at least 3 times to learn how to enjoy it ,, how to reallly love it..
so my first free wekend we didnt go to climb mountain,, snow already , so we decided to make piknick in yogi park.. as soon as we arrived we heard really loud music,, there was a huuuge party ,, 1pm and evryone dancing,, japanese ah japanese, what do they eat.. i put som pict ..of that day as well...
then last weekend ,,, even better,,, always before u get to japan check the time out,, we have no idea how many good parties we missed here..
my menager ,, polish ,, took as for music festival at odaiba tokyo island built on trash:) well i ll put pict by pict and then write about it.. was just crazy.. it looked kind of like evryone was on speed:) i need to get back to work i ll upload pict as soon as i can go back on net:) xx

the dead man is one of many who ,,ate" to much on odaiba music festival:)
place was great, music was amazing.. beer to expensive:)

Oct 04, 2007 06:00 PM finally weekend

friday!!!!!!:D:D weekend tomorrow so i can finally go out of the car and enjoy the city.. as im here for work not hoilday, all day we spend in the car or in the studio,, but weeknd is all yours..
so this one its long one,, monday is national sport so evryone gets lazy and no one is going work. we decieded to spend it little bit different FUJI MOUNTAIN!!! we gonna try to climb it ,, 10 hours, 8 h up and 2 h down,, just the weather must be good
if not we can do it onl ynext wekkend cause after ll be sonwy overthere,, s not possible. othe roption is to go two days for the sea side with some firnds that are surfers,, so maybe i l give my self an other try with surfboard:D:D last time i jump off th water as quick as i get know there are sharks in cape town:D:D

ohh, yesterday was a party day.. polish friend who is living here for 4 years , sometimes play as a dj in tipical japanese clubs,, no model enviroment ,, no free drinks for models,, evryone who once went to feria or lexington knows what i mtalking about,,
this little club was totaly different small japnese house music place.. soooo cool, i thinkn when u in hapan thoese kind of clubs u should go visit ,, not those feria lex and bla bla,, where is more non asians then asians... for what ? cant u get the same thing in europe or states?? if u go little not famous places then u rally gonna see how party looks like in japan... and its soooo much fun!! when u have to stay perfect , hard working all day , then at night,, hmmm u loooooooseeee controle:D:D:D
and for this i love japanese people:D

Oct 02, 2007 06:00 PM bloody time difference

and here we go 6 am and i still didnt sleep at all..

Oct 01, 2007 06:00 PM parking car in japan

always rember to park ur car proper way.. smiling to policmen doesnt work here as good as in italy:) 15000yen this how much it cost u ..

Sep 30, 2007 06:00 PM good morning!!!

i m in japan!! soo goood to be back!! i arrive yester day night , already had my stinky tofu:) ts 9 am and i need to be at work at 10 so better move:) japenese are never late!!! besides this one that was picking me up yesterday ... my appartment as for japanese standarts is amazing!! i live with one girl 182 and even she dont have problem with hitting her not bad
last year was in akasaka weakly mansion hotel... oi, thats was hard time.. it actually should be called daily love making hotel insteat .. all those sounds coming out of there:D my room was 3x2 m big , i had bathroom like in aircraft..and entry door havier then myself..
ok i go never late for work in japan!!!!



Jan 01, 1970 01:00 AM finally packed:D

so my bag is 24 kg..not bad , besides this time i m going for whole 5 months... again x mas out of home.. onece i had x mas in taiwan.. we tried to make x mas dinner with help of our friend we get all the staf u need to cook polish food:)
24.12 dinner was at 7 at 8pm lady from agncy came to appartment and kick out evryone:D:D:D no parties in her place.. even xmas party.. 22pm party until 3 am . 4 am taxi is picking me up to go to studio ,, 5 am we all leaving to kaushong for shootng .. 25, 26 27 dec.. on the beach bikini shoot. bloody freezing!!!!! merry christmas:D
and newyear party on the way back home in the airplane.. happy new year , every single hour of moving back in time:D was fun!!

few things to NOT FORGET!!!!

1. passport!!
with all visas, this time i did my record , i get japanes and asian visa in one day not even in 3 h:D:D , You just need to have a smile:D:D and say xie xie to the lady.. in chinese ambassy its worht to arive early,, always waiting,,

2.check if its You passport:D:D i swear this wednesday on the way from chineses to japnese ambassy i realise that is not my passport:D::D when we look at chnese people at beginnig we think they all look simillar, well looks like it works the other way too:D even though i m not 40 years old brunett"

3.Your ticket, this time i fly to japan and shenzhen so it was bit complicated.. its hard to book this kind of ticket , better idea just book separate to japan and to hong kong with some cheap airlines .. man in travell agency must hate me already:D:D

4. pain killers. they not allowed to give u anything on the flight.. my first visit to japan finished with soem stupid infection, i had to go back home after 2 weeks without one eye:) my face was swollen my head hurts,, no one wants to give me pain killers.. i get around 2 kg of chocolate form aircrew, they felt soo bad , i looked so scary:D

thats all for now ,, i m gonna watch my lost in translation movie for the 1000002nd time

Jan 01, 1970 01:00 AM speed the japanese:)

few more pict from odaiba and harajuku.. tokyo fashion..

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