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Delfster's Travel log

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:) the thoughts on the road... and the remembrance of the road.

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May 25, 2009 06:00 PM mr. davis and mr. gonzalez

mr. davis and mr. gonzalez the sun gets easier today. it gets cold even... maybe it's just my heart.
oucchhhh.... strolling saigon. in the alleyway, in the transititions of shadow.
it's a beautiful city... but things get colder today.

i guess... i just have my mind so far away.
it's one thing that you cannot change. the setting and the landscape can change... you can travel... whatever.
but today... my mind is just there.
somewhere... in a place i am not.

what makes it even worst...
i could actually be there...
i could.

Apr 05, 2009 06:00 PM *** hopeHard ***

This is the time of challenge. In times like these, your true characters will show. And yes… the truth will set you free.

Enough with the talking and euphemism! It’s tough, and we know it. Even babies knows when their parents having a fight. Everyone is born with this innate understanding of what’s going on. But for so long, we were said that we need credentials and attribution to be taken seriously. Then we spend our time working on it. At the end, just to say something we already know all along. Again, in times like these… listen. Listen to that little voice you have inside of you. Pay attention to your strength, and abolish all fear.
Don’t pretend you don’t know. You DO know.

It’s tough. But it’s laid out in front of you so you have a change to prove how great you actually are. It’s a blessing. It’s a moment of chance that not all generation faced. Yet, you are here… and you can do something about it.

Pay attention to your neighbor, for they are also part of who you are. What happened to them can happen to you. For what they need, you might need to someday. Reach out with your helping hands, it’s not that hard. It’s just one of those days when you go on a battle, and you know you have the chance to win. And you WILL win. YOU WILL.

Love, and love hard. There were never times when you are allowed to take things for granted. And in this blessed time, you are reminded of it every single day. Take the hands of the people that you love and loved you and be thankful. Whisper to their ears how lucky you are to have them. It’s everything you need, the warmth and the peace of mind.

You can live in the wagon, and it can be cold out. But you’ll get out of it. Be kind to your spouse, and be kind to your self. Smile, for nothing is eternal. And this too shall pass. Fight the fear and the beast of discouragement. Don’t fight to each other, for they are your friends. You are powerful; and even more powerful together.

Jan 21, 2009 09:00 PM glorious travel to a routine

glorious travel to a routine I cannot help but admitting that I’ve been a fan of those uplifting songs. You know, the songs that say that it’s going to be ok. It seemed that you have band of cheerleaders up on your back.
Some song even so great, they allow me to mesmerize about my mistakes and shame, and make me feel that I’m not the only one ever do fuckups in life.
I was almost reluctant on admitting this. But I bet I am not alone. The fact that I found encounters with those kinds of songs along the way. In some grand moments, the song strikes just at the right time. Just about the time discourage almost eat your spirit, hope and compassion.
So I guess, Ron Sexmith just got my vote. I am willing to believe that there’s gold in them hills. That this way up might not be easy, but I will keep my heart. And I will give a new day a chance to start.
I mean, watching people giving it a try. They always manage to get me overwhelmed. To know how much courage it actually takes to make this world go ‘round; when people fight not to seat in the back of the bus, when mothers teach their children of pride and integrity, when a man stood above fear.
So, I guess it’s so amazing that so many things are made in this world to make you realize that you are actually one of those kinds; the superhuman. The fact that you could actually do anything you want, reach to your greatest virtue, and build your kindest legacy. And also, be reminded that even if you slips of and not living up to your means; the kind that could do just about anything… that it’s just ok.

thank you for today, of a glorious ride to my ordinary routine :)

May 07, 2008 06:00 PM of hillary

I almost lost my bliss. Or maybe, it’s just die a while. Rediscover your passion. Compulsory, and almost impossible. How?

Can we cut this noise? I need clarity of the music; the clarity that could mend me.
Purify me. For I was so embarrassed, I sob and sob.
I am betting my soul up here.
If I loose now, I have nothing left.
This is to much of a gamble. I thought I can handle this. But I guess… I might not.
I went on with the support of false support. I thought someone will break my fall.
But maybe not.
So, if I loose now. Maybe that’s just it.
I can spend my already spent life trying to justify things.
I might even write a book about it and tell the world that despite all that; I found bliss somehow.
But I don’t know. Maybe, there’s nothing left.
I am betting my soul after all.

If I loose; I know that I can never see anyone with the same look again.
And so would not they.
Oh… I cannot handle too much honesty.
When people read between the lines and we just know.
…That I lost it.
I know it.
And they know it also.
Everybody knows.

Or, maybe I should just write a song.
Redemption song.
So… cut the noise will you.
I need to hear the music.
Cause I’m writing the lyric.

Jun 29, 2007 06:00 PM the heat of delhi

the heat of delhi so there i was. the place that i want to go to for quite sometimes. yet, at the worst time of the year.

i was sweating like bathing. bitting skin...
and also the noise.
ahhhh... here it is. new delhi.

inside out... just a quick aquintance. i can say that i found things to like about the city.
but it's a secret... :)

Jun 27, 2007 06:00 PM it was raining in agra

it was raining in agra i have the mud in my feet.
splashing dancing
i don't care. i may as well go bare feet.
therefore i go

i've told you before
and i tell you again.
i love the universe when it rains
i love the universe just now

i have the water on me
oh purify me the splash from heaven
pour on me
i want to be washed out again
here, in agra.
when man proclaimed love
when woman stood tall in white

let's go
let's go bare feet
when rain falls in agra

Jul 07, 2006 06:00 PM trip not alone

trip not alone another take off. this time not alone...
people that i know for my whole life, shared one of the sacret thing i love about life... travel.
i never know that doing something not only for yourself can feel as good.

all the laugh and all the flaws i already know for too long. what can you say... a trip with family.
the sheer joy of being lost with people you're lost in since you breathe.

i cannot ask for less... or more.
i have a great time.

Mar 22, 2006 09:00 PM the firs trip

the firs trip this year is amazing. i started everyday travlin to almost every region of the country... just in my head. i know whatever going on in all the places, through people's eyes and mouth. captured by the lenses and the metal tape.

yet, there goes my first take off of the year. but it was not for a happy reason. the old 'mbah' is sick... and i just have to go.

and... she died. so, there it went the take offs and the landing. every travel takes you to new destination... even just to yourself.

in memoriam:
Suharni Sabdowati.
Sragen, Jawa Tengah
March, 1st 2006

Dec 12, 2005 09:00 PM my morning trips

my morning trips it was dark, then it was light blue, and low clouds started to appear. this is jakarta.
cars riding slow, even in monday morning. it's only 5.30 in the morning my friend.
if you want to go out... it's best before sunrise.
the rhytm is mezzoforte... intersecting toward allegro.
manics of life, traffic, rush, ambitions, hopes... soon they will dominate.
but jakarta, just before sunrise....

:my morning trips, my travel at home

Nov 04, 2005 09:00 PM baru -- berangkat lagi

baru -- berangkat lagi i missed my horizon.
i had 10 take-offs this week...
still, i missed my horizon.
i need it.
it's one beautiful month, when the rain just dropped. yet, i missed something out there.

i'm going.
i shall go...

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