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Jul 25, 2006 06:00 PM Himba People

From Etosha we drove to the north of the country, to see the Himba people, a tribe of herders, who wear occra coloured goat skins, cover their bodies with a mixture of occra and clay and the women arrange their clay covered hair in a most stunning manner.
Lots of Himba live in Opuwo, the town we stayed in. It was quite sad to see lot of them getting drunk every day and the local market, man and women alike. One day we went into the country side to see their villages and gardens, which was a very interesting trip

Jul 23, 2006 06:00 PM Ethosha National Park

We spend 4 days in the Park and had most amazing time watching animals. This time of the year the park is dry and all animals concentrate at water holes so the viewing is sooo easy.
Some waterholes are so busy it is easy to spend hours there, just watching the behavior of the animal kingdoom. At times everything steppes back to make room for an elaphant or lion.

Once we watched 3 herds of about 80 elephants including some babys having an afternoon bath in a hole. And we were the only car there for hours. The best thing about this park as opposed to famus parks in Kenia and Tanzania is that you can easly go around it in your/hire car and not to be stucked in a minibus in a safari tour.

The obest campsite , Okukejo is located next to the oldest waterhole in the park. At nigth the hole is lit and you can watch an incredible spectacle happening all night. All big animals come for a drink or fight or a mating game.
One night we watch few rhinos fighting for hours, then lions came for a drink and the rhino stepped back.
It felt like being in a amazing theathe, where the play goes all night, but you do not know the programs, but satisfaction is guaranteed. All I can say , that 4 days was not long enough

Jul 20, 2006 06:00 PM Windhouk- Tsumeb

We drove along nice sealed road to Tsumeb a gateway to Etosha National Park. We stayed at a backpacker place run by German people (fresh migrants form Germany), they still had to work on their English.
This must be one of the most attractive towns in Namibia with larde German population, we are stil talking about brotchen (german rolls), which we bought at the local supermarket.

Jul 19, 2006 06:00 PM Back to Windhouk

We drove the whole day again only stopping for petrol and nice german coffee.
The next day has to be a rest day in the city

Jul 18, 2006 06:00 PM Fish River Canyon

We drive most of the day again , crossing some creeks to the Fish River Canyon. Fortunately, we have not seen yet the grand Canyon so we were very impressed by it.
Pity we had not to allowed the time to walk it, I think it takes about 5 days to do it. Days walks are not availabe simply because once you are in the Canyon there are very few ways up out of it.
I think there are some emergency exits on the first or second day of walk.
As we watched the sunset over the Canyon we saw some hikers (trough binoculars) setting up a camp for the night.
Needless to say we did fell a little envious

Jul 17, 2006 06:00 PM Around Luderitz

Luderitz feels like the end of the earth, there is a desert all around, most of the area is prohibited to enter due to diamond mining. We visited Kolmanskop, a ghost town, which at some stage was the richest diamond town in Namibia, this was a place were people used to pay with diamonds at the local grocery store, fortunes were made and lost!!!!!!!
There are other prosperous small towns in the Sperrgebiet run by diamond companies, which only people who live there can enter. Apparently they are very wealthy communities

Jul 16, 2006 06:00 PM Visiting Luderitz

It took us the whole day to drive to Luderitz, mostly along dirt road again, in the first 300km we passed no other cars on the road, which made us feel a little uneasy, when we had to cross a small creek, if we got stucked in the mud there, there was none around to pull us out, we also had no mobile, which most of the local drivers do.
At the end of the dirt road we stopped at a road house to get some perrol and walked into a lovely hotel and restaurant (in the middle of a desert), where a blue eyed , blond german guy served us the most delicious apple strudle outside Austria. There was a German language radio playing in the background.
Luderitz is a harbour town , where most people make a living by working in Sperrgebiet- a diamond exploration area, which is closed to general public.
The town looked quite weathly, there is also a lot of private companies lifting diamonds from the bottom of the sea around Luderitz.

Jul 15, 2006 06:00 PM On the Road

Namibia is not a very backpacker;s friendly country;, so we decided to go into expense of hiring a car to allow us to get to all the places we want.

Our first destination was Namib Desert- Sossuvlei Sand dunes.
Driving along dirt, deserted roads is quite experience, it took us much longer to get there then the local people, I guess they have been driving such roads forever.
We pitched our tent at the National Park terrrible overpriced campsite ( 35US per site, no hot shower ), by 6pm we were finishing our simple camp dinner and shiverring in cold temperature. As we woke up in the morning the tent was covered with ice and we could not even wash ourselves.

We drove into the desert to see the famus Sossuvlei dunes, you have to see it to believe it, it is magic!!!!!
We walked into some desert valleys - there were very few tourists around, just you and the nature.
Another cold night awaited us at the camp even so during the day the temperature is over 20 deg

Jul 13, 2006 06:00 PM Road to Namibia

We took a bus to Windhouk, 24h overnight trip.
Although the bus was comfortable enough in the middle of the night the outside temperature plunged to 0 deg, I forced the driver to stop the bus and let me access the luggage compartment to pull out our sleeping bags!!!!
well, it this Africa???????

Jul 11, 2006 06:00 PM Vic Falls-Zambia

We found the Zambian side of the Falls really amazing, I must say they are as good as the Iquazu Falls, quite different, but also truly amazing. The size and volume of it is breathtaking, you can sit on the top of it at the shore of Zambezi river and provide there are no crocodile around, you can really tak your time admiring it.

At midday we saw people bungee jumping of the bridge on the Zambezi river, let me tell you , I was traumatised just be looking at it!!!

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