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Aug 25, 2003 07:44 PM Hoarding the Train

Dont get me wrong, I love Indians I like India but the absence of hygiene is the biggest problem and the food. It is a gullible audience which has fallen victim to a nation deprived or cheated of cleanliness , as hand washing seems right out of the question. The smell of Neem ( which is in fact a pesticide I started importing and is frighteningly toxic ) certainly is one way to keep the bugs and head lice at bay ) Nice to see it in action. Mr Ghandi has alot to answer for really, he may have stopped ths spitting but some men in India are rather obcessed with farting and shitting. As a kind of ritual taking an enema before or after a good scorching hot curry meal. Its all so hush hush, and no, they wont talk about it much, but in following up a lead about Mr Ghandi , who declared his celibacy in his mid thirties, seems he used to hire very young dancing girls ( whom never questioned his need ) who's main duty was to administer him an enema every morning, providing him some shrewd way around the need for sexual relief. He would call these events "protest fasts" which interestingly became longer and longer. Though worshipped as a diety, Ghandi was in fact a filthy weird old man. Who in their right mind needs an emema in India? After an argument re this subject with a business associate who is very Hindi , and very perverse at times as well, I was forced to find the evidence of this story and found it. Least the next five days we stopped making fun of eachothers cultures. And cleared up a little matter that Maori and Indian dont really have alot in common exept for certain spiritual love for nature. If theres one thing Indians like talking about these days, its animals, Ghandi and all the times they cheated on their exams. As for the food, everything is cooked in Peanut oil, to block your arteries by the time your thirty. It shocked me that one of our staff members has never eaten a single vegetable in her young life, suffers stomach acid, and "depends" on her mothers cooking. Mothers have all the say in India. And fathers, they dont teach their children how to live, they just live , and make their children watch them In Youth Traditionaly raised Hindi Indians are pumped with philosophy and spiritualism to survive the streets of Bombay. They suceed and compete in everything, though most times, they screw it up for lack of confidence , blatent cheating, or their blind desperation for approval. Overall they are a people so willing to please, and if you genuinely care for their lives and their feelings, you cant go wrong in dealing with them or working with them. Its most important if your in India that you share humour, be honest, and teach them simple non materialistic things about your own culture. Tourist Bullys, Bribery and money do not open the doors of the secret life in India , nor a true and deep friendship, and in my case, a company tnat requires me to be as Indian as I am Kiwi. I am humble to my staff who sit on stinking trains with the millions, for hundreds of miles they go without sleep, bathe before a meeting in a rotten commune shower where none of us would go, and I sit here, cosy and warm, fed and clean, and just wonder of them.

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