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Jesalyn's Travel log

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I am not traveling very far. In fact I shall be writing from one of my own residences. But why not? This log will be about what I experience when I go out on my own little adventures. Starting at the Heart of Wichita.

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Sep 19, 2004 06:00 PM Peace and Trains

In Wichita there is very little beauty, meaning that it is harder to find. In most cities you can be on the outside and say " wow that a beautiful city", but here it looks like its been forgotten a few times throughout the decades.This is not a bustling city like most. In fact by 6pm the city seems deserted but for a few cars passing through. Even my parking garage is empty but for the noise of the trains and of movie clips being played outside the theater below. It is here in this solitude that I find the beauty of Wichita. From atop this parking center I can watch the sun setting. I can look on to the small peaceful skyline. From here I can smell delicious foods being cooked for restaurant goers. A gentle breeze. A flyng bird. Wichita's beauty.

Another train delrailment took place about 2 blocks SW of Old Town Sunday. I really must ride out there later to get a look of the damage.

Sep 14, 2004 06:00 PM Explore your area

I decided to really explore downtown Wichita. I want to know what people DO. They always advertise that Old Town is the place to be but I have yet to agree.
I headed out kind of late. Sunset was in the making but the temperture was nice and the wind was calming down. I rode my usual route but then took Washington Ave. north and then turned down a little alley. Now Old Town is small. Consisting mainly of old wharehouses that were used during WWII. Some buildings have been renovated for use of apartments, restaurants, businesses, and there are a few shops. Most of the shops close around 6pm. This I think is disapointing considering people dont get out until after work.
I make my way to the Warren Theater. This newly built theater is unique in that not only does it have all the latest showings but they also have a full dinner menu and will serve you while you sit watchng the movie!
Just outside the theater is a square with a flat dancing fountain people enjoy running through and benches. I sit for awhile taking it all in until something catches my eye. On the West side of the square are steps leading up. I never thought to actually go up them before so I decide tonight is a great time. I lock my bike up (I dont trust anyone) and make my way up the 4 flights. I find that at the top is the rest of the parking garage. The garage is on top of the businesses facing the square! No cars were there at the moment which was nice. Its very quiet up there and has a lovely view all around of the city. I watch the last colors of the sunset then begin looking for good camera angles. I am not sure many people have taken shots from this spot! I now just need to buy film.
I think this will be my new favorite place. Away from the people yet I can still watch.

Sep 12, 2004 06:00 PM Be on your toes

I headed out on my bike around 6p.m. I was headed for the river about 3 miles west of where I live. My objective was to find a tree, sit under the tree, and study. The ride was nice. Not too many people. The river was even better. Some local families were there allowing the children to play in the fountains that dot the river's side. I parked myself in the grass under a found tree and began to read. Everyonce in while I would watch the people. Mostly I tried not to draw attention to myself seeing as how I was alone. After about 40 minutes of bliss I get that strange feeling that some of us do, where you feel like someone is watching you. I slowly raise my eyes and notice an irregular shadow to my left. I watch it and begin to get a little nervous. As I begin to turn myself around to see whats causing it a child no older than 11 runs by my right side picks up my bike and starts to run off with it!
My first action is to yell " Hey thats my bike, STOP!" well it certainly isn't his bike!
Then I notice that its not a scary armed person and get up to run after him. I reach him kick the bike down and scream at him wondering what in the heck he is doing! He tells me he is sorry - that he needs the bike. I scream some more- my heart is breaking - I tell him to get out of my face and that I could call the police. He runs off a ways but still hangs in the area so I pick up my cell phone and call my dad. I really just needed to hear someone calm. The boy ran off eventually and my perfect evening ended.

Now looking back I wonder if I should have handled the situation differently. He looked so worried. I dont know what I could have done but I am sure had I asked him why or what I would have figured out something. That or he is a punk and will always be a punk. I dont think I will be riding my bike in a skirt anymore I need to be able to kick people!

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