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Uluru Walking in New York City 
We have been talking about visiting NYC for many years now and we finally got a chance to see it whe... more

GO TO THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING My dear soon as I've arrived and settled in my hotel...o... more

Uluru The City That Never Sleeps 
Newark Airport is a good airport to come to. There are less accidents than JFK and La Guardia. I'm j... more

Uluru New York, New York 
I’m sure we’ve all heard people say even if you spend a lifetime in a city, you still won’t se... more

Uluru Christo's The Gates 
With Singapore Airlines it is generally not possible to make reservations up on front, and from our... more

Uluru Concert in Central Park, NYC 
Well what can I say about a city where everybody already has been and so much has been written about... more

Uluru A Quick Bite into the Big Apple 
A brief stay in New York City proved to be a double-edged sword. It was interesting and enjoyable to... more

Uluru New York Sept. 14 2001 
New York was the last city on my trip from Vancouver B.C Canada to the East Coast of North Amerika.... more

Uluru A very Big Apple 
My second trip to New York, spent only 4 days on a business trip with my friend Harry. He needed an... more

Before I went there, I knew the city, New York is the most filmed city in the world, so many films,... more

Uluru New York City 
Where do I start... NY is a very busy place as you might expect. There's way too many people there... more

5 hours in NYC 
Since New York is only a quick hop from Toronto, we decided to fly down and have a quick peek at one... more

Uluru A visit to the Big Apple 
What to say about New York?! It is a place one must experience for themselves!Very exciting and frie... more

Very fast paced lively city, good cheap restuarants but in less frequented areas. Lots of sightseein... more

My first Culture shock in five days NYC 
But I recommend to go onto the Empire State Building, so that you can get a fine overview over NYC.... more

Supacity sprawling from the ultra rich flashy Avenues of Manhatten to the old streets in Brooklyn wh... more

I live just outside NYC in New Jersey 
Full of culture and interest. tough to visit with the twin towers gone. I looked at them from my col... more

Back And Forth...Back And Over 
From 1982 I have to'd and fro'd between NYC and London for various reasons (usually work related). T... more

New York City fun! 
I have been to NYC about 8 times in 6 years. All for various trips. Every time I go, I always have f... more

New York? What to say what hasn't been said yet! Maybe that people are much more open-minded and com... more

new york '97 
new york city is great im not into american way of life at all (dont be offensed american friends!)... more

My other home 
What can be said about New York???? It simply is the best place on eart, especially Brooklyn. I live... more

Uluru eine Woche New York 
in me week we looked in New York to a lot of places an building, for example the Empire State Buildi... more


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