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Tunisia's best travel reports

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Superb ancient city of world's unique architecture  Uluru

If I had to choose only one site to visit, out of all ancient ruins in Tunisia, I would have picked...

Famous for its medina. But is it nice? Sousse.  Uluru

It was not cool to see that. I would never deny people access to satellite tv, but it would have bee...

Over 400,000 date palmtrees on the Sahara. Tozeur.  Uluru

I had heard so much buzz about Tozeur for a number of years that inevitably my expectations had buil...

Scented with jasmine growing on orange trees.  Uluru

If it were possible, my nose should be writing this report! And since it is not feasible, I will try...

Bustling Arabic/Art Nouveau/Art Deco capital.  Uluru

I could not sleep the first night. Actually, I could not sleep a few nights before the holiday. I wa...

North Africa's gem is a colosseum! El Jem.  Uluru

When I saw the satellite image of El Jem, with the giant amphitheatre in the middle, I thought it mu...

Tunisia's flagship tourist destination. Monastir.  Uluru

I was actually trying to avoid Monastir due to its reputation of being overrun with bus-loads of gro...

City with the perfect medina and walls. Sfax.  Uluru

The city of Sfax, in the middle of the Sahel's coast, was on my list of places to visit only because...

Tunisia for Beginners  Uluru

It's Africa. It's different. It's exotic, but not too much, just enough for a beginner. Until 1956,...

Traveller in Monastir  Uluru

Monastir is a bustling medium-sized town with few sights and a fairly disappointing beach. Skanes is...

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