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Hi, how are you? I´d love to get messages from all over the world. So please write some words to me :-)

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Joined: Sep 05
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Hi Marion!

Posted: 2005-09-12 11:32 AM   
Nice meeting you on this platform as i am so interested to make you my fren... So plz let me know about you on next writting....While saying about me, I am shyam, the age of 23 and from the country name Nepal....
Further detail, i will give your after your reply mailling add is
so see you then..



Joined: Aug 04
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Posted: 2005-01-29 06:55 AM   
Hi Marion impressive and super picture of yours showing terrible weather in Europe at the moment. Thanks for sharing that with us. I hear that also some areas in Germany are hitting record low temperatures, it snowed on the mediterranean island of Mallorca and cars/trucks are isolated now for three days on a freeway somewhere in Italy, Brrrrrrrr........


Joined: May 03
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Posted: 2005-01-20 02:10 PM   
It is wonderful to receive your comments. There are many interesting differences between the East coast and the Midwest. This part of the United States is dominated by the large rivers, especially the Mississippi. Also, the land is relatively flat, due to the glaciation from 10,000 years ago. You would see large areas dedicated to agriculture in the Midwest. There is just so much to see and do that is different from the coastal areas. I will be happy to talk to you any time, Marion.



Joined: Jan 05
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a little about Costa Rica

Posted: 2005-01-18 01:39 PM   
Good to hear from you. I am 19 and I live in a small town 75 kilometers southwest from Costa Rica's capital San Jose. I really do not know much about Austria.
Some interesting facts about C.R.:
The civil war in 1948 lasted 5 weeks and the confrontations were mostly through the media... there was only 1 battle which lasted aprox. 20 min, 1 man died and few were injured. This war ended with a new government and constitution in 1949 which abolished the army, the death penalty, gave women the right to vote, etc. This constitution is still used today and when the Costa Rica President Abel Pacheco announced his support of the U.S. war on Iraq the whole population organized multiple manifestations blocking all main highways comunicating the capital to the main ports on the pacific and atlantic for over a week until this support was declared inconstitutional and was revoked despite the economic dependence on the U.S. We also have 3 expresidents currently in jai.


Joined: Aug 04
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hii mari

Posted: 2005-01-14 05:32 AM   
nice to see ur message ,
i am basically from varanasi which is the northern part of india but staying at bangalore which is south of india.
well i have not stayed long in austria as i only go for training .
but i will be going again in april this year.
abt india i will be glad to give any info ,so u can ask freely

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