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Natasa's Guest Book

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Welcome to my guestbook!

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Joined: Jan 09
Points: 958

hi natasha

Posted: 2010-04-13 08:18 AM   
Ur pics on egypt wonderful , talking on history. grt.


Joined: Dec 06
Points: 3

visiting Gibraltar

Posted: 2006-12-22 01:19 PM   
Hi Natasa,

Very good report !

I am planning to go to Gibralatar in Jan. or Feb. 2007
Can you advise me a reasonable hotel to stay
(clean and normal price) ?

Best regards,



Joined: Oct 06
Points: 103

Visiting Belgrade

Posted: 2006-10-04 03:39 AM   

I like your pictures and your texts. I'll be in Belgrade next week and want to make some pictures, Can you help me by showing me some nice places?


Joined: Aug 04
Points: 1195

Odlicna slika :-))))

Posted: 2005-11-05 11:55 AM   
Mnogo mi se dopada slika Kalemegdana nocu, nesto slicno imam i ja ali mi se tvoja mnogo vise dopada..Slikala sam i ja Petrovaradinsku tvdjavu nocu ali ranije tako da je kvaliotet slika losiji (ima jedna na mojos stranici),tako da cu najverovatnije ponoviti seriju..Zelim ti lepo druzenje ovde.
Pozdravi iz Novog Sad



Joined: Apr 04
Points: 5264

H Vala ti

Posted: 2005-11-05 07:51 AM   
Kako si,

I speak German,French, Dutch, Africaans and to some degree English, I like to learn the polite terms and phrases in all the languages I can, Im trying serbian and farsi now... but your right, I think languages are wonderfull and they are a sure fire way of breaking down barriers whenever I travel. Its amazing the affect just a few phrases can have.... its true what they say, Manners Matter!!!.
Well I live near Leeds in Yorkshire here in the U.K. its about 200 miles north of London, very cold and grey this time of year cant wait to travel outta here. Ill be working in Belgium soon and then on to Australia for at least a year..I wanna use it as a base for travelling to Asia... its about the only continent I havnt explored yet... Cant wait,

Hope to here from you soon



Joined: Apr 04
Points: 5264

Kako Si danas

Posted: 2005-11-04 12:07 PM   
Hi there,
Im afraid I dont know much more than that...but with the help from Jelena I am trying to learn some more.... How far is Belgrade from Novi Sad??

Oh your new profile pic is beautiful by the way!!




Joined: Apr 05
Points: 1130


Posted: 2005-06-21 08:12 AM   
Hi Natasa,

Your report on Gibraltar is very interesting and exciting. The first picture is amazing.

With regards,



Joined: Dec 04
Points: 34719

Your report

Posted: 2005-02-28 09:07 AM   
It seems this was your first report and I hope we see a lot more. I can,t see any way of sending you a private message at the moment but, IF you would welcome a constructive crit, I expect that can be sorted.
Cheers, David


Joined: Sep 03
Points: 20248

port Said

Posted: 2005-02-01 04:33 AM   
That is interesting to hear that you like Port Said even better. We did not have time enough to go there, but will on our next visit.


Joined: Jul 04
Points: 673

Egypt pics are awesome

Posted: 2005-01-31 10:45 PM   
Hi Natasa,

I really enjoyed your pics of Egypt. One day I will make it to that country, as it looks awesome.

Thanks for sharing,


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