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Cheese and Wine around the World

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Posted: 2006-01-14 21:38:00   

We had an interesting forum discussions last year about international beer at:

and also for for food generally see:

Following these - what are the favorite cheeses of our members, the local names and if you drink wine (these two are "partners"), what is your favorite wine?

I was discussing the source of taste of wine with Thorsen and we cannot agree exactly where the taste of a wine (or cheese) really comes from. Is it the air/wind/sunshine or from the earth? Why do cheeses around the world taste so very different? Is it the climate/reciepes/methods? Is it our childhood/genes that determine our taste?

My favorite cheese is greek Feta (with black olives) and my wine South African Cabernet Sauvignion..... Others?

Rudolf "Rangutan" Graspointner

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Posted: 2006-01-15 12:58:00   

Hi Rudi

Well you ask I answer!

When it comes to cheese and wine I truly adore both!

For me however this is something similiar with travel always trying to discover someting unkonwn broaden ones horizon. It doesn't necessarily have to far away. Sometimes you might find a hidden treasure just round the corner, it's all about keeping your eyes and mind open and be ready for exploring.

What I like is originality and not uniform standardized international flavour. Be it a mourverdre from the midi of france a nero d'avola from sicily or a mondeuse noire from lake geneva when talking about wine or a castelmagno from italy or a epoisses or a vacherin from the fribourg alps when it comes to cheese.

It's important for me to have personal connections trustworty people to help me find those treasures like my local cheese specialist who has about the greatest cheeses in switzerland . It's important to know such people. Or the famous maitre antony in elsass: sorry he doesn't seam to have a homepage of his own and this one is about him but in german.

I also like to buy my wine direct from the producer. Like that I can better understand why he makes this and that. Some of my most favourite wines are from piemont: or try this gret swiss winemaker

I don't think that arguing about why the tastes are different is very interesting you'll be able to find an expert who proves every single point but it's still all to your own personal taste.



[ This Message was edited by: mortimer on 2006-01-15 13:00 ]

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, enjoy it!

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Posted: 2006-01-15 15:39:00   

moin there,

about a pic comment we came to an dicussion about wine. thats not too bad but if you talk about wine, you had to talk about other stuff wich will be importent to make a travell to a good one. therefore stands wine, cheese, musik, food. not things like shoes, cars, tents, hotels, whatever.

a good example. my last trip to france was in summer 2005. before this, i search internet for local music in bretagne and found some festivals around the coast. then i had celtic music with wine, baguette and cheese. this makes it round and differences it from a journey to, for example, denmark.

when i have these feelings with france and its ingredients, what feel people all over the world with foreign stuff?

wer sp?ter bremst ist l?nger schnell

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Posted: 2006-01-15 19:05:00   

I love cheese!

There are many places, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, Russia (Krasnodar, Vologda and Kemerovo), France, The Azores, Germany, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Netherlands and England but most of all Ireland where I have enjoyed local distinctive flavours. Traditionally it was the local flora that caused the ripening of cheese and donated the unique local flavour / taste.

These days people like Dutch Experts specialise in the rearing of cultures and the maintenance of the specific strains to preserve consistency in the final product.

In good restaurants in many countries, after dinner you may take a virtual tour of several lands by simply choosing the cheese board for dessert and the aromas of the places you visited come alive once more to round-off your eating.

Cashel Blue is a particular Irish Cheese that I recommend to your taste.

More news on Irish cheese at:



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Posted: 2006-01-19 03:40:00   

I am spoiled - I live 2 hours south of Napa. And California is known for its happy cows. We too have a cheese website:

My favorites? Talbott Sleepy Hollow Chardonnay or, on the less expensive side, Lohr Wineries (one of my tenants) Seven Oak Cabernet. I enjoy cheese with pears or apples - a nice Brie or Monterey Jack. We had a winery not a mile from our house but it is now a housing development. I miss the wine tastings....:-(

If you have the opportunity to try Chilean wine, I have had several good ones and they have a very musty robust flavor.


Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away. Profile Pic: Tikal, Guatemala

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Posted: 2006-01-19 05:11:00   

well friends ,just for a information ,indian government had given a green signal to the first wine company near maharastra and if every thing goes fine soon the wine will be available in normal shops,wine craze is a latest boom in india

at bangalore /back 2 globo after a long

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Posted: 2006-01-20 11:17:00   


What web site can you suggest wherein they offer raw milk, biodynamic cheese, all-natural pastured chickens, turkeys, eggs, steak and Dutch cheese, jerky beef sticks that are farmstead-made from grass-fed cows, meat and grass fed poultry? I need your help.. please?.. :)

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Posted: 2006-01-20 15:57:00   

Hi there!

All over the world there are lots of incredible wines and superlative cheeses, I like tasting typical food when I'm abroad, it is an important part of my travels.

I haven't a favorite cheese or wine because there are ones I like to eat or drink during a season, or because of an event or a particular mood.

In this topic I want to suggest a combination of wine and cheese that you can taste in my country:

Montasio (ripe cheese) and Ramandolo (wine).

The first is produced with the same recipe and in the same geographical area since XIII century: it was first produced by the monks of the Abbey at Moggio Udinese. It has an aromatic taste and it is a little spicy.

The latter is produced in a small area from which it takes its name, it has a long history infact it was served to Popes in XV century. It has a yellow-gold color and a bouquet of chestnut honey and dried apricots.

Now I'm simply starving, so good appetite!

Luca :)

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Posted: 2006-01-20 17:11:00   

Thanks members for sharing your experiences and tastes here and please keep the theme rolling, it is life important to some of us :-)

Nikie: jerky beef sticks or the equal "biltong" make another good snack to red wine, rare to find though, specially scarce in Europe!

Lucas, now THERE are some extreamly special products - mmmmm fantast-ique/-isimo! RR

Rudolf "Rangutan" Graspointner

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Posted: 2006-01-21 14:48:00   

Hi Globies!

My favourite wine is Burgundy especially a Morey St Denis "cuvee du Pape" from the Bryczek familly. It is a ***** wine. (1er cru)

The grandfather that do the wine is comming from the same village of Jean Paul the II, the latest Pope, and the wine trees used to make that wine is from the same age of the Pope. The wine maker asked for a special authorisation a long time ago to the Vatican to see if he could call his wine "cuvee du Pape". The authorisation granted, he went ahead.

The cellar is spotless, you could eat on the floor. At the end of the cellar, you can find a shrine dedicated to the Pope, with some various newspapers articles. If you want more info please contact

Edouard et fils Bryczek

Rue Ribordot

21220 Morey St Denis


Tel 0033380343417

My favourite cheese is Brie for France and Edam for Holland, I am not really acheese person !

See you all


"It is far more better to have seen it once than to have heard about it a thousand time." Mongolian proverb

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