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Mike's Guest Book

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G'day to you All.
Please leave me a message, now that you have found your way here.
I'll receive your message by e-mail and will answer as soon as I'm able to but that maybe some time if I'm some where on the track at the time,
Cheers, Mike

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Joined: Aug 06
Points: 3423

Hi Mike

Posted: 2006-09-06 12:01 PM   
I'm from Victoria as well!!! You're from the State in OZ
and I'm from the capital city of the Province of British Columbia...Victoria.



Joined: Sep 04
Points: 16785

Hiya Mike

Posted: 2005-09-28 06:25 AM   

u do have some nice pics on australia.
i have made several trips there and every visit unfolds a near adventure for me.



Joined: Jan 04
Points: 375

gr8 mel

Posted: 2004-03-14 02:32 PM   
Hi Redcentre,

Thanx 4 ur writing in my guestbook
Oz is a gr8 place to visit and Melbourne rock!Would love come back and stay he he..I had a wondeful time there.


Joined: Dec 03
Points: 1258

never been to Australia :-(

Posted: 2004-01-14 10:06 PM   
Hi Mike,
Sounds like a good life that you lead. Do you keep a website? I just spent a year in New Zealand, followed by a year of traveling S. America, N. America and Europe, so I'm not looking for an immediate fix, but your cross-country outback adventures look like a lot of fun and something I've been thinking about for awhile as my next really big trip. (Travel is on my mind constantly)

How long are your cross country, 4x4 trips and how much do they run? I'd be interested in being on a mailing list if you do those. When I do a country I like to really DO a country and you sound like you do too.
I'd love to hear more about it.

look forward to hearing from you.


Joined: Sep 03
Points: 13

Hello Mike

Posted: 2003-09-08 09:57 AM   
It seems we are both expatriate Bavarians, since I reside in New York.



Joined: Oct 02
Points: 762

Hello there!

Posted: 2003-05-19 12:22 PM   
Hi Mike,

Thanks for introducing yourself in my guestbook. I would SO love to see Australia some day - it is just SO far away and I can't be gone for more than a week at this point in my life so that is one trip that is unfortunately going to have to wait for later in life. But it is one of my dream vacations!

Have a GREAT day!!



Joined: Dec 02
Points: 335

a very delayed response!!!

Posted: 2003-05-17 05:35 PM   
Hi Mike,

Please excuse my very delayed response to your welcome to Globo. I joined up in December but I've had a pretty busy 6 months... and am only really starting to get into it now. Stay tuned for more additions from me!

I hope your business is going well.



Joined: Jun 02
Points: 12936

Re the bushfires

Posted: 2003-01-26 03:38 AM   
Hi Mike,
No, luckily we don't have any fires here at the moment because the other thing is we don't have any water, we have been on water restrictions for months and our dam is down to 29% full, really bad.
But my mum lives halfway between Sydney & Canberra (Bundanoon) and my brother lives in Canberra but not on the north side.
What about you?
Take care,


Joined: Jun 02
Points: 12936


Posted: 2002-12-30 03:24 AM   
Hi Mike,
I just picked up your message on my guestbook so thought I would officially welcome you.
Globosapiens is a great site and I see that you have already been on the forum. One of the best features of the site, I think. Although I still can't go with Melvbourne as my favourite place to live, sorry.
We will probably run into each other online a bit as we are in the same time zone.
Happy travels.
Take Care.

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