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uluru1 Bangkok - A travel report by Mark
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Bangkok,  Thailand - flag Thailand
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Nakhon Pathom

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This is the Place where Buddhism all began in Thailand.It is a very religious Town and has the biggest Chedi,Buddhist Statue,in the World. There are very few tourist's visit this Town,considering it is only one and a half hours by train(60kms)from Bangkok.This Town was depicted as Cambodia's Capital,Phnom Penh in the film The Killing Fields.

Favourite spots:
Bangkok travelogue picture
The Huge Chedi is absolute stunning and can be seen as soon as you come out of the North side of the Railway Station,the straight walk down to the Chedi is very Post Asian & a welcome change from the busy streets of Bangkok.

What's really great:
Bangkok travelogue picture
I loved the Old Men riding their Rickshaw bicycles, a word of Advice,These Old Men are very competitive & will Insist up to 3 people( In My case,My wife,Daughter & Myself ) Ride with them,I felt so guilty when he nearly passed out with Exhaustion!,Only 2 people is better.
Make sure the Rickshaw Driver knows where you want to go,as we asked to be taken back to the Railway station,a 20 minute walk,and We arrived at a Childrens Park,very nice, but not any where near the Railway Station,We then had a 40 mins walk!Very few speak any English and as certain as Thomas the Tank Engine's Fat controler would have been proud of my mimmicing of a moving train,complete with Whoo,whoo sounds,He still got us Lost.Advice- If you get lost in a place like this,ask only an official person,e.g. A Policeman,as the Locals can have selfish motives in the direction they send you,The local Taxi station,so he will get a kick-back.

Bangkok travelogue picture
The large sealed off Square surrounding the large full of Street Vendors selling a concoction of Exotic Foods,Try the Sea-Food Pancakes,Delicious!

There are numerous High quality/Low budget Hotels in Nakhon Pathom to list,I found the Internet to be as good a source as any.

Other recommendations:
Bangkok travelogue picture
There is a lovely River that flows straight through the Town & is well worth a walk along its exquisitely tiled walkway,this really is a Town set back in time.

Published on Friday February 20th, 2004

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Sat, Dec 11 2004 - 08:56 PM rating by rangutan

Nice crispy report! I like it...

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