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Bombay - A travel report by dan
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Bombay,  India - flag India -  Mahåråshtra
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dantrenner's travel reports

Medical Tourism in India

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Beat high costs and waiting time for major medical problems & see the Taj Mahal while you're at it! Turn insurance premiums into actual health care services -- including air fare. Credit cards often pay for major surgery in India!

The Famed Taj Mahal!
The Famed Taj Mahal!
I came to India to exploit their high quality nurses and doctors. I send them to the States where they are in high demand at equally high cost to Americans! This world class, state of the art health care prompted three Americans living in India to form a company offering their services free to Americans. They are paid by hospitals for referred clients. The list of medical or dental treatment is endless, but a few of the procedures, prices, and contact with them can be found on their web site (AMS). They literally set me free of physical and financial pain.

With the help and consultation of your doctors, AMS also arranges convalescent sight seeing packages. Since they have lived in India for so many years there is no one as expert in catering to American tastes with as much knowledge of who to see and what to do. As a patient, and recipient of these services, and since I also live in India as an ex pat American, I attest that that they make an unbeatable combination of care and service.

Quite candidly, having also been a patient in US hospitals, I'd pick India in a heart beat over the States. Clean, sparkling white and sterile facilities amongst beautiful smiling faces who speak English perfectly are trying a lot harder to earn our US dollar! What’s more, you can almost always get in without a waiting list, and they really treat you like royalty. From dental tourism, to eye care, to the most advanced hip resurfacing procedures only just starting in the States, to the most advanced heart surgery in the world -- it's all here, and everything is available at a price anyone can afford! Often times a credit card is all that is needed for air fare and major surgery. You’ll also want to take advantage of taking home some prescription drugs at dirt-cheap prices! AMS has all of these services and more, and they’re all free!

Now, let’s explore what's in store for you while you recuperate:


Favourite spots:
The highest & most spectacular mountains in the world!
The highest & most spectacular mountains in the world!
The 7 Travel Wonders of the World are the:
* Great Pyramids of Giza
* Great Wall of China
* Serengeti Migration
* Galapagos
* Grand Canyon and
* Machu Picchu

So, the Taj Mahal heads the list of favorite things to do & see in India. Its grand standard predicts the best surf & sun, bush and dune, and Mountains. Goa on the west coast has been discovered by travel merchants with packaged tours providing crystal aqua blue waters & sweeping beaches. Cottages perched high on the cliffs of Goa, by the Taj Group of Hotels, present a view of the Arabian Sea that cannot be forgotten. But the height of the world’s natural wonders is the Himalaya Mountains. They are the highest and most magnificent in the world. The Americans arranged a flight in neighboring Nepal for me to see Mt. Everest! It was absolutely breath taking. Flying at 14,000' another 14,000' of solid granite soared skyward!

What's really great:
Native Musician & Dancers!
Native Musician & Dancers!
Indian people love foreigners. They will huddle around you to help you in any way they can. They ALL want to help! And did you know that India is the largest English speaking country in the world?

The rupee will still buy you a fortune of goods and amenities which you can only imagine. Poverty is extreme in lots of places, but so is the opulence. The largest slum in the world, Dharavi, is fascinating in sights, sounds & bargains. Leather goods are unbelievably cheap!

Street & train musicians, and children who will steal your heart!

Technology is tops and being exported to every country on the planet. I ought to know. That's why I came!

22kt gold jewelry! India imports more gold every year than any other country. Cheap artisans.

What else is really great about India? The traffic. You see, we could drive cars without wheels, but not without horns! Pedestrians keep their backs to the traffic knowing a horn will alert them when to move to the curb side to let them pass.

The Ganges River!
The Ganges River!
A quick tour at very reasonable cost I highly recommend are the normal sights in Bombay. Board the famed Rajdhani Express Train with sparkling white bed sheets at about 6PM towards Delhi, but early the next morning at Agra, take in the fabulous Taj Mahal (above). Then a car ride to Delhi for the night. Next morning take the train from Delhi through Haridwar where you will witness Hindus (left) bathing at their Holy Ganges River. Your driver can take you down river a short ways into the community where cremation services are held. You may take pictures if you're respectful. (Below).

Continue on the train or by car to Deredune & take a 45 minute ride up the mountain to Musoori where the magnificent Himalayas will take your breath away! Stay at the Oasis Hotel for the most spectacular views (above). The next day back to Deli where you will want to take in Gandhi's Home, Bahai Lotus Temple, etc. Then train or fly back to Bombay for your doctor's last check up, and back home healthy!

Bombay travelogue picture
In Bombay the must see's include India Gate and right across the street is the famed five star Taj Hotel. You can also board a boat right there and go over to Elephanta Island to see the huge cave carvings into solid rock of ancient Hindu temples.
Sleeping accommodations for you as a patient include space for family or friend who may be accompanying you, depending on your needs, either in your room or immediately adjacent. Access to the Internet, phone, cable TV, etc., is all provided. These hospitals even include pick up from the airport in private limousine and everything in between is included. Your bed and room is the most comfortable and advanced electronic equipment in the world. Literally everything is at your fingertips and a nurse is standing by to instantly help you. No waiting those long uncomfortable minutes when you need a nurse! They’re really trying harder to get our business. Read some of the reports on AMS's web site from happy patients.

Night & Day at Victoria Terminus, Bombay
Night & Day at Victoria Terminus, Bombay
At night -- if you like jazz -- don't miss "Jazz By The Bay" right off Marine Drive and down the street easy walking distance from Church Gate. The best pizza in India, and any flavor you can imagine. Additionally their food bar features salads & main courses to satisfy.

The world's greats have performed in this small restaurant, and it's a very lively attraction. Street level entrance makes wheel chair access easy. Who knows, maybe your favorite artist will be there the night you visit, but you will see all their photos hanging on the wall, and your favorites will all be there!

Your driver will take you around to see the architecture which is lit at night and a must see in itself. See Victoria Terminus (above right) at day and night.

The five star hotels, and there are many of them, have live western entertainment, and the four star hotels are more likely to have the native music. Don't miss one of the native typical sit down musical groups. Ask your driver to locate one.

Ganesh the zoomorphic deity as big as a house ready to be baptized.
Ganesh the zoomorphic deity as big as a house ready to be baptized.
India is the world's capital of religion and philosophy. The Greeks couldn't have held a candle to the ordinary Indian philosopher on the street! They can tie your logic in knots in only a few minutes. In fact Vedic philosophy predates the Greeks.

I have lived in five continents and six islands of the world, and no people are as religious as Indians. While the west has pretty much moved God out of their affairs over 33 million gods and goddesses are revered by Indians. Pooja (prayer), is performed outwardly and nearly everywhere, even shop to shop. You will find shrines literally everywhere, and all are open for respectful sight seeing and pictures. Book stalls will acquaint you with any god or religion you desire to learn about.

Ganesha is a beloved god of good luck for central Indians. Here he is, made of clay and painted in the brightest colors on the last day of his festival. He's being taken to the water. There his paints and colors will pollute the fish and they die.

In New Delhi is the Lotus Temple
In New Delhi is the Lotus Temple
What would you like to eat? From McDonald's, KFC's 'finger lickin good' chicken, Dominoes & Pizza Hut -- just like home -- is all available, but what a shame if you miss India's finest kitchens preparing "pure veg" and even "non veg" delicacies. I was addicted to Mexican and Indian food before I ever came to India, but it's all here for you!

Hospital food is NOT like anything you've ever heard about before. These are exotic, traditional and even made to order dishes! Family or visitors may sample the cafe's and cafeterias too!

Food is available in spicy, medium or mild tastes and I would recommend medium for almost all palates. The ethnic foods of the world are all here, as well, such as Mexican, Chinese and Continental. Just ask the Americans at AMS for their help. They know where everything is.

Don't miss the South Indian idli and somber. And the dosa in all of its varieties is akin to the pancake, but savory rather than sweet and very delicious, and habit forming!

Other recommendations:
Brahma bulls & cows wander the streets amongst the people. Cows are sacred Hindu gods.
Brahma bulls & cows wander the streets amongst the people. Cows are sacred Hindu gods.
Major surgery can be easily afforded. Procedures only starting in the States are well established here. Let me suggest that many insurance companies will allow you the option of having your heart surgery done here and pay for your sight seeing to boot! It's a win-win-win situation, and you will get better care here than at home! I know what I'm talking about. Again, check out the prices, services and testimonies from the American professionals at AMS.

Last word -- As I mentioned and everyone knows, there is poverty here, but the best advice is NOT to give money to the pitiless looking begging children. Giving to these people keeps a very noxious industry alive. If anything give the children a piece of fruit, bread or cookies. Make sure any purchased items are already “being used.” Anything new and unwrapped will just be sold back to the vendor. Your drivers will steer you away from most of these beggars.

Stay healthy and enjoy!

~ Dan

Published on Tuesday October 10th, 2006

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Thu, Oct 12 2006 - 02:35 AM rating by marianne

This reads like an advertisement. Is it meant to be one?
having medical treatment is certainly not new and not restricted to the Americas Medical Solutions.

Wed, Oct 11 2006 - 09:16 AM rating by mrscanada

Dan I hope I'll stay healthy. Supper review.

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