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daniserralta Bulawayo - A travel report by Dani
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Bulawayo,  Zimbabwe - flag Zimbabwe
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Bulawayo. Colonial city.

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First of all just say that Zimbabwe was at the moment a dangerous place to visit. The country was in a big crisis not only of fuel but also of cash, bread, salt, medicines and lot other basical needs.

Bulawayo travelogue picture
In 2005 there was an opresive dictatorial system that was really struggling the people and sinking the country. A part of it, Bulawayo is a wonderful place. Is very colonial in all the architecture and clearly divided by wide avenues and symetrical blocks. Easy to walk around. There's a lot to see if you like history and archeology as I do. Cause of the crisis there was no tourism at the moment so I felt really like the only white man in there. No problem!

Favourite spots:
Bulawayo travelogue picture
The museum of Natural History is interesting and they have a big Elephant mounted but is overpriced. 5$ - locals pay 1$!! Is in a walking distance and you have to cross along the Century park, lively by the locals sitting around and wasting time. On the way there's also the Bulawayo Theatre. My Fair Lady. Not really interesting! The National Art Gallery Collection is not a must but the building is cause is a one hundred years old colonial construction. Nice. The Bulawayo Publicity Association is vfery useful and the people there very helpful so you can find a lot of information about the activities out of the city. Is a good city and not so big so just walk around by the streets is nice and interesting.

What's really great:
Out of the city you can find a couple of very interesting places. The Khami ruins are just 24 km far to the west and are impressive. (Not so impressive if you are going next or you come from the wonderful Great Zimbabwe Ruins in Masvingo!!!) Is worth the visit. 33 km South of Bulawayo there's the Matobo National Park where you can see the strange balance rocks, the interesting ancient rock-paintings in twoo diferent places and if you are lucky some Black Rhinos!!! The Publicity association can help you to arrange all of it.

Berkeley Place is the right place!
Is at the city center and in a easy walking distance to the Bulawayo Publicity Association, the Bulawayo center, some internet cafes (Irritatingly slowly!!), some restaurants, and to the Blue Arrow Bus Stop and ofices.
It was just 10 $ for a Double room with my own HOT WATER!! bathroom.
Clean, safe, cheap, centrally located and helpful staff.
Well! I was the only guest in all the hotel.
Look also for Zak's Place, a little bit further and the Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel, Standard hotel but overpriced.

There's no really nightlife in Bulawayo. Probably is not a good idea to walk alone in the night.
I saw no clubs or pubs there.

Cape to Cairo Restaurant s really good. Is close to Berkeley Place in the city center and they have all Africa diferent dishes.
Is not really expensive and have a really good steaks!
Is in a peculiar colonial building, very special.
Self-caterers can find everything in the Sophrite Supermarket at the Bulawayo center. (And there's cheap mixed boxes!)
The Cafe Baku is nice, also into the Bulawayo Center and serve excellent sandwiches and cakes.

Other recommendations:
Internet is easy to find. There are some all around the city center but all of them are really slowly so be patient ... really, really patient!!!
All are same slowly so the cheapest that I found is into the Library.
And was the only place where they don't lie me .... from the begining they told me that it was slowly.
To go to the Victoria Falls, to Gweru or to Harare the most reliable option is the Blue Arrow Bus Company. Confortable and with enough fuel to arrive to the next destination.
There are also the Chicken-buses but are slowly, they stop many times, the bus is overcrowded and is a hard journey. (But cheaper!)

Published on Tuesday August 23th, 2005

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Sun, Jul 02 2006 - 06:12 AM rating by jesusferro

Sos barbaro, pibito

Sat, Oct 01 2005 - 08:12 AM rating by isaacmolina

hei colega, que fas al africa? cuidat!

Tue, Aug 23 2005 - 05:23 PM rating by eirekay

Very nice, detailed report!

Tue, Aug 23 2005 - 12:18 PM rating by mistybleu


Another interesting report

Tue, Aug 23 2005 - 04:06 AM rating by rangutan

I agree, some times a political note is nessesary. Looking forward to the pictures.

Tue, Aug 23 2005 - 01:59 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

informative report indeed

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