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hially Chania - A travel report by Alice
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Chania,  Greece - flag Greece -  ChanĂ­on
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Heavenly Hania

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Chania travelogue picture
Hania. Chania. Regardless of spelling or pronunciation, H-a-n-i-a still looks and sounds like a woman's name rather than like a place. Hania is a beautiful name for an equally attractive Greek town on the island of Crete. I spent time in Hania during April and I was enchanted by her charm, character, and appearance. Greek Hania certainly wears Italian well. Apparently, the Venetians settled in Hania long ago. The Italian legacy can be seen in the fortifications that hug the Old Harbour and in the lighthouse that stands tall, yet quiescent at the harbour entrance. Hania deserves to be savoured and explored to wholly relish in her beauty.

Favourite spots:
Chania travelogue picture
Old Venetian Quarter - for photos, relaxing, walking, dining, and people-watching. The Lighthouse - you can be adventurous and climb to the top of the tower but I turned back after climbing halfway up its red-brick column. Something about small spaces with winding staircases in pitch blackness sends shivers down my spine.

What's really great:
Chania travelogue picture
Delightful moments in Hania range from indulging in a delectable fruit beverage while nestled in a harbourfront cafe lounge chair to enjoying the 30 minute stroll around the sea wall to the Venetian lighthouse monument. The meandering lanes and streets in the old Venetian Quarter provide plenty of opportunity for you to lose yourself in thought as you take in the charming features of the older side of Hania. My friend and I walked east of the old harbour and found it to be pleasantly quiet and pretty. There was a small grassy area peppered with smallish wild flowers and some lovely rocky sea views. Ah, the simple things.

Chania travelogue picture
For reasons of convenience, I stayed at Diana Hotel which is near the bus station in the town centre. The hotel is clean, inexpensive and convenient for those who want to catch an early morning bus to the Samaria Gorge or other city/town on Crete. Hotels with character tend to be located in the Old Venetian quarter. Diana is close to laundry and internet services which make the convenience even more attractive.

Chania travelogue picture
My guess is that most of the restaurants on the harbourfront in Hania offer the same quality of cuisine. Just choose any establishment and take in the beautiful night air as you partake in tasty Greek specialties.

The Food Market in the Centre of town, although not a restaurant , has a very good Greek bakery that will provide you with a wonderful start to your day with fresh Greek pastries. My favourite was the large flaky apple pastry. Heavenly!

If you go to Crete, visit Hania and spend some time getting to know her. You won't be disappointed.

Published on Tuesday May 13th, 2003

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Tue, Jan 20 2004 - 10:33 PM rating by jwmarkham

Hi Alice!
Thank you for Heavenly Hania! It brought back fond memories. I only spent an afternoon there, but I stayed on Crete for 6 weeks, back in 1976. I loved it. I stayed in Heraklion for 4 weeks, then went to Aghia Galini on the southern coast, for 2 weeks. The entire island is so beautiful. I hope to return someday.
I also enjoyed your writing. You have a nice way of phrasing things. I'll have to read your report on Greece. Thanks again!
Jim Markham

Mon, Jul 21 2003 - 09:16 AM rating by karmapd

Very nice report!

Wed, May 14 2003 - 03:48 AM rating by guest

Great report on Greece!

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