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mrscanada Edmonton - A travel report by Lyla
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Edmonton,  Canada - flag Canada -  Alberta
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The Best Little City In The World

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Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta. I was married here and lived here for 40 years. If you don't have fun you'll be arrested and put in jail,(at least during Klondike Days),before it was changed to Capital Ex .

Our Balcony When We Lived Here.
Our Balcony When We Lived Here.
The population is a bit over 1 million people. Edmonton is the size of Chicago,(square km), and is laid out on a grid system with streets running north-south and avenues running east-west.

The numbering system begins at from2nd Ave in the south to 100th Street and 195th Avenue & 17th St to 230 St. in the east. The main street, north of the river, is Jasper Avenue (101st Avenue).

The city is easy to get around by bus or train. Fares are the same for city buses and the Light Rail Transit (LRT). A day pass allows you unlimited travel on either. A network of pedestrian walkways lies under Edmontons downtown streets connecting hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and public buildings such as City Hall and Citadel Theater.

Favourite spots:
Water Park
Water Park
West Edmonton Mall is the world's largest shopping, amusement and recreation center. It is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There are over 15000 people working here and I was once one of them. I worked here for three years as Director of Tourism. I only left when my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer Disease. The mall is half a million square meters of what Guinness World Record authorities say is the largest indoor shopping and entertainment center on earth.” There are over 800 stores and services, (they even count the phone booths), there are 110 places to eat, a live theater, and seven theme park attractions.

What's really great:
Galaxyland Amusement Park is a seven-acre (2.8 hectare) water park, an NHL-size ice arena, (the Oilers practice here a few times a year), 4 submarines, (that's the same number of subs the Canadian navy has), an exact replica of the Santa Maria ship), a lagoon, an underground aquarium facilities, a miniature golf course, 26 movie theaters an IMAX theater and a casino. Each time people visit WEM they will enjoy the most extraordinary indoor experience in the world with unique entertainment showcased throughout the Mall. "The brother's "who own the Mall bought a number of vases from the Ming Dynasty. They are scatter through out the Mall. There are 58 entrances and parking for 20,000 vehicles. It is the number one tourist attraction in Alberta and that makes more money for Edmonton and Alberta each year. There are 2 levels, (that visitors can walk through), and I hope you know that in any mall the best stores are on the top level.

Galaxyland Rollercoaster
Galaxyland Rollercoaster
The Fringe Festival, the largest festival of alternative theater in North America. Only the one in Scotland is larger.

The International Street Performers Festival, A Taste Of Edmonton, the Folk, Jazz, Shakespeare in the Park, Bluegrass and Country Festivals are a lot of fun.

Many of the festivals are held in the square between City Hall and the Library.

When we are in the west end we like to eat at the Olive Garden. It makes good pasta but if you order a fresh salad, fresh soup and bread sticks when you finish they replace it with more of the same.

In the north end of the city the pest pizza is made at Tony's Pizza, (you can watch while they throw the dough to make your crust).

There are a few Tony Romas, (great ribs), Uncle Alberts, (pancakes and deli food) and the Subway makes fresh cheap sandwiches, (you choose what to put on the basic sandwich).

On the South Side the Highlevel Dinner serves food all day and they have a lot of items for vegetarian.

Europa Blvd.
Europa Blvd.
Fantasyland Hotel is attached to the Mall. You can live in an Igloo, go to Hawaii, or on an African safari are the 127 theme rooms.

There is a spa and a fine dinning room in the hotel, and their café is on Europa Street.

If you stay here the you swim in the large Water Park. You aren't charged to park your car because the Mall has blocked off part of their parking lot.

Hawiian Room at the Fantasyland Hotel
Hawiian Room at the Fantasyland Hotel
See the Fantasy Rooms At the Fantasyland Hotel and you won't want to go out!!

If you stay here and want to have fun you never have to leave the mall.

The only thing that the Mall doesn't have is a Food Market.

There is a 3rd level above Europa Street where there are Mall offices and Fantasyland's ball rooms.

Behind each store is a walkway that leads to one of the loading docks and also into the Mall.

There is a lower level that you will never see because it's where all the electric cables and other things that make the Mall work are. I once saw one of “the brothers” parking his car under there. I have no idea where the entrance to that is!!!!

Across the Street from the Mall they own another hotel. WEM Inn

It's a lot cheaper than Fantasylnd Hotel but you will feel relaxed, get personal attention in a nicely decorated hotel.

There are 88 guest rooms that have been individually decorated and it is air-conditioned.

The parking is free and you get passes to go into the World Water Park.

A cheaper hotel is Mayfield Inn & Suites, Edmonton. The rooms are very nice and they have a dinner theater there. My Travel Agent owns the Travel Agency in the hotel.

Angela Jolie and Brad Pitt eating at the Mall
Angela Jolie and Brad Pitt eating at the Mall
K.D. Kang, (the singer) and Michael J. Fox were born in Edmonton.

Just west of Edmonton is Wood Buffalo Provincial Park. It was established in 1922 to protect the last remaining herds of Buffalos. Once there was up to 75 million in North America and now there is about 15 million. This park is now a Heritage Site .If you visit the 44,807 km park you will see forests, native plants and flowers growing wild, Wood Buffalos, Whooping Cranes and Peregrine Falcons.

See a play at one of the Citadel's 3 Theaters, an exhibit at the Edmonton Art Gallery, at the Science Center called the Odyssium, (you can even fly to the moon here).

North Saskatchewan River. You can drive along it as well. In the summer their a food stands that sell fresh fruit and vegetables. If you are in Edmonton when the fresh corn is being sold that’s what you buy. Across the street is a park with free grilles so you can bar-b-cue some corn.

The Capital Ex starts on a Sunday after the Calgary Stampede ends.

Other recommendations:
Learn to deep sea dive
Learn to deep sea dive
There are boutiques, coffee house, books stores and specialty shops are in Old Strathcona. The best place to shop is Holt Renfrew. It's an expensive department store.

If we don't stay at Fantasyland Hotel we always stay at the Westin. There is a bar and one store in the lobby. The Café is above the bar. On one side and up a few stairs is the dinning room. While you dine a harpist plays angelic music to you.

In the westend across from the Mall is where I buy my memory books, (Memory Lane). I make a book for every trip or important event in my life. Down the road from the Mall is Chapters Book Shop with a Starbucks Coffee Cafe in it.

The best place to eat steaks is the Coliseum. They serve a fabulous Greek Salad and good pizzas.

The best place to eat Italian food is in Little Italy at Sorrentios and at the end of that street is an Italian Market that sells Italian food cheaper than any place.

In Chinatown all the restaurants are great. For Viennese and other Ori

Published on Friday September 1th, 2006

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Fri, Dec 29 2006 - 07:00 AM rating by davidx

Not my sort of place - no offence - you give masses of information.

Thu, Dec 28 2006 - 06:17 PM rating by madness

stolen pics and absurd things bla bla bla...

Wed, Sep 06 2006 - 01:24 PM rating by karlakern

;) very nice report! *) Cheers!

Tue, Sep 05 2006 - 12:56 PM rating by ta-shy

Hi there Lyla, Good health and high spirits!
Not a bad report, however, your own pictures would do justice here instead of from a magazine. Globosapiens is about using your own pictures and stories, not copyrighted ones. Also, though the report is a good read, Some of the information is inaccurate. The Mall has changed. There are no Dophins (seals/penquins now), no submarines(bumper boats), The theme rooms are a total rip off for your money, very tacky and not worth it. There are only 21 theaters, and you can't learn to Dive anymore. The Edmonton road system starts from 2ave in the south numbers rising to 195ave in the North and the Streets start at 17st in the East and go West to 230 St. And Finally, Klondike Days has been officially changed to Capital Ex, minus the klondike theme.

Sat, Sep 02 2006 - 08:25 AM rating by marianne

Great report, excellent information

Sat, Sep 02 2006 - 03:13 AM rating by frenchfrog

Fantastic report, now I want to get there myself, lots of info provided. Many thanks!

Fri, Sep 01 2006 - 02:32 PM rating by andreas

Hi Lyla,

great Article. I have been in Edmonton and in the mall in 2002. That is just increadible how huge that thing is. Even an Rolarcoster fits in! I guess those guys need that, otherwise nobody would go windoshoping in winter at - 40 Degrees or in Summer at +40 Degrees.

Best regards,


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