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sanatu Ghana - A travel report by issah Suale
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Ghana,  India - flag India
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Ghana is peace loving country with good people who are very friendly and accept guest and tourist. Interms of democracy, Ghana is noted as number one in Africa since the people there has never fight over political positions

In 1905 Tamale became the capital of the Northern Province of the British colony of the Gold Coast. The north played a very important of role in the second world war. Two of the vestiges of that period are the old barracks and the old airport, which were built for military purposes. In addition to these, there is the monument to the royal wedding between King George V and Queen Elizabeth I.

Legacies of the regions historic past are also on offer for visitors with special interest. For instance, archaeological sites in West Mamprusi have yielded interesting relics of the Komas from the 9th century. Besides the archeological sites, the Northern Region is the most likely place for Africans in the Diaspora to trace back their roots. The castles on the coast may serve as the remaining reference points of departure for their ancestors, but the Northern Region is the most likely place to trace their ancestry. Nowhere in the country can you find more ancient slave markets and relics than in the Northern Region.

Favourite spots:
The cultural features of the people in the North are as unique as they are diverse and so different from any other in and around the country. These include festivals and religion. Salaga for example was described as the emporium of West African trade at the height of its glory

The uniqueness of the attractions in the Northern Region has been the main draw for tourists who are streaming to Tamale in numbers. The young and adventurous have found a different destination yet to be discovered by mass tourists. Besides the cultural diversity, which the Northern Region offers you, it is also a place for lovers of nature. Its natural features of scenic and beautiful vegetation contain some exotic species of flora and fauna and offer a different experience of adventure in nature and wildlife.
The savanna vegetation enhances the fantastic panoramic view from the Gambaga escarpment and Karamenga hills while offering opportunities for hiking, trekking and canoeing.

What's really great:
Nothing however, compares to the regions rich nature reserves. The Mole National Park for example is one of the largest and best developed National Parks in West-Africa. The 4,840 km2 nature reserve is home of a variety of reptiles and mammals such as elephants, apes, antelopes, eagles and 400 other species of animals. The park also offers receptive facilities and services, such as a hotel, restaurant, swimming pool, game viewing platform and safari.

We have tourist sights in the North notable among them are Salaga Trade Centre, Mole game reserve, Laribanga magic stone and a lot of them for your sight.

The good people are very accommodating and lovely. There are a lot of places for accommodationg people and the cost per night ranges from $100 to $15 at places like Mariam Hotel, Gariba Lodge, Modern City Lodge and others.

A lot of restaurants are there for visitors ranges from African food to continental dishes. Among the places are Titis Inn restarants, Baccus Inn and a lot.

Other recommendations:
I must say generally that Northern Ghana which has been rated as the least in terms of poverty, education, health and other have a lot of potentials worth investing.

Published on Sunday September 16th, 2007

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Tue, Sep 18 2007 - 09:03 PM rating by rangutan

Some good information but this is not about the town of Ghana in India. One cannot write a report on a COUNTRY at GLOBOsapiens, it must be a city town or attraction. Your rating will do well if you uploaded this to your capital city "Accra" for example, otherwise this looks just a promotion for a country.

Tue, Sep 18 2007 - 01:32 AM rating by adisidh

Why Indian flag?

Sun, Sep 16 2007 - 08:59 AM rating by davidx

A good first report.

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