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Lombok - A travel report by Brad
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Lombok,  Indonesia - flag Indonesia
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brad_colwell's travel reports

Lombok travel tips June 2006

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My family (me, wife, 3 yr old, 6 yr old) just spent 3 weeks in Lombok. For a bit of good Karma I will pass on some quick observations and opinions. Lombok has some beautiful countryside, nice people, as well as some very bothersome touts.

Our background: To put things in perspective, my wife and I have travelled extensively all of our lives as have our kids for their short duration. We have spent equal time in first and third world and firmly believe it is all good!! We spent a few weeks in Lombok back 1990. Wife is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and I ain't too bad myself. Note prices provided are for low season of low seasons - the place was empty. Below I will provide a brief note on each stop we made in chronological order.

Favourite spots:
Mataram: nothing special Kuta: the touts drive me nuts, Kuta beach is nasty now (note I saw it 15 years ago), Tanjung Aan and Mawan beaches are bloody beautiful as are all the others around. Rent a motorcyle from G'Day Inn (the guys are helpful and have reasonable prices 30K). Tastura Beach Resort was okay 300K/night but restaurant was avg. Tetebatu: Losmen Hakiki is excellent 60K/night. They let me watch world cup in kitchen! Take a short ride and walk to waterfall. In nearby village we stopped to watch spinning top competition - very cool. Senaru: Pondok Indah was very friendly. 80K/night but they need to get a proper cook ; ) John's Adventures operates from here. Gili Nangu: great snorkelling, nice beaches, hotel 165K/night is run by Javanese and the restaurant is expensive, lame, and a monopoly. Ask for young guy, Harry, in Taun. He is honest and will negotiate the lowest price on anything. I recommend a 50K tip or 10% for large transactions. Sengigi: average...

What's really great:
Gili Nangu snorkelling was great. Sengigi reef by shore is pretty beat up BUT I spent 5 minutes gazing at a green sea turtle just off shore, saw lion fish, etc. Tetebatu was beautiful. Hakiki Losmen was highlight. The owners younger brother Gun is really nice guy and fun to talk to.

Tetebatu - Hakiki Losmen - Gun is good guy.
Gili Nangu hotel left something to be desired. Have Harry from Taun bring your food from Taun warung to gili every day.

Coco Loco Sengigi

I may be spoiled eating all over Asia Pac but find Lombod cuisine lacking for the most part.

Local delacacies that rock include Pelacing Kankung, and Ayam Taliwang.

Published on Tuesday June 27th, 2006

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Sun, Jul 09 2006 - 02:26 AM rating by mistybleu

This is making of a great reports; some more detail would be great. Nice attempt. Amanda

Fri, Jun 30 2006 - 02:10 AM rating by marianne

Hi Brad,
Nice report. Will you be adding some photos? Did you stay in Sengigi?

Thu, Jun 29 2006 - 11:43 PM rating by downundergal

Hi Brad, Good first attempt. A little more info and pics would be great especially on stuff to do and accomm and so on. I agree with you on the touts on Lombok they are THE most pesky I have ever had to deal with.
Cheers, Kerrie

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