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countryside1 Luquillo Beach - A travel report by Victor
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Luquillo Beach,  Puerto Rico - flag Puerto Rico
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Searching for a good tour guide if you are planning to visit the lovely island of Puerto Rico. People all over the world travel for some reason and some of them enjoy taking a tour with a local.

In the past, this task of finding a tour guide was probably very limited but thanks to the internet, this is like taking a pitcher of water out of the refrigerator.
As a tour guide on the lovely island of enchantment, I can probably speak on behalf of all the tour guides, for several reasons. One reason is definitely my 22 years in the business. Another reason is my experience working with several companies and now self-employed. Still another reason can be my involvement with the Puerto Rico Tourist Board and related government agencies.
This means that I am a certified tour guide and a member of the Puerto Rico Tour Guide Society.
When looking for the right tour guide, probably being government certified is probably the right word. A certified tour guide had to take some classes, had to take an exam and simply had to be educated.
So, what can you do to find the right tour guide? Start by giving the tourist board of the place you are visiting a call and ask. If you were to call the Puerto Rico Tourist Board at 800-866-7827, don’t be surprise if they recommend me as one of the many.
Keep in mind that the tourist board is not a company and has no favorites. They provide the caller with all the possible options. Remember they can only provide the names of tour guides that are certified.
Now back to the internet. You know that some people show up on search engines, others do not.
Some certified or non-certified tour guides can appear on the top but you know that it is a big cyber world. Keep in mind that many times a tour guide will create a commercial name and you might have to start that way. For example, I am Countryside Tours.
The internet has been good to me so I know that this is one of the ways.
So take it from this humble tour guide that finding the right guide can be as easy as opening the fridge for a glass of wate.

Favourite spots:
My favorite spot is a place call Central Park at San Juan, Puerto Rico.
It has a 1.5 mile trail, great for working out, seeing tropical birds and now iguanas resting on Mangrove tree brances.

What's really great:
I like the silence of this special place eventhough its right in the middle of the city.

Luquillo Beach

Luquillo Restaurant will be my pick for the best restaurant in the area.

Ask for the fried snapper.

Published on Thursday March 25th, 2010

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Fri, Mar 26 2010 - 04:16 AM rating by rangutan

This is a home report, not a travel report? Should be in the "Tips" section!

Thu, Mar 25 2010 - 04:58 PM rating by jacko1

I'm a bit unsure about the overly commercial aspect of this report but the info seems interesting.

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