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Marrakech - A travel report by Robert
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Marrakech,  Morocco - flag Morocco -  Marrakech
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Marrakech and the best orange juice ever

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After overnighting on the Marrakech express from Tangir I found a cab into the Town square, Jemaa l-Fna. There you will find snake charmers, storytellers, musicians, monkeys, and the best fresh squeezed orange juice I have ever had. The guy I was going to (booth #4, Abdul) had tangerine juice also and it was the best. at 25cents for a glass and a half i spent a few bucks a day. A tip on taxi's. Petit taxi's are less expensive than regular size cabs. There are also daytime and nightime rates. If i remember right daytime rates will say 1.2 dirham when you get in the cab and night time rates will start at 2.4. This isn't the only difference, nighttime rate will rack up the meter much quicker. Also the price on the meter is for the total ride not per person. Many people will try to rip you off. They will say the meter is broken or ask you to make a deal before getting in the cab. It is most beneficial to use the meter always in marrakech. don't take any taxi driver guff.

Favourite spots:
Stayed at Hotel CTM the whole time in Marrakech so can't comment on the other hotels. But CTM was cheap, right on the edge of the square, had free breakfast (cofee, lots of bread and butter). The rooms were basic with beds and a lightbulb hanging down the wall. Bathrooms had toilets not holes. Noticed some blood on my sheet once but i think it was a skeeter i killed in the night. Another thing I like about marrakech was the narrow streets in some areas. Walking streets, cars wouldn't fit. I wouldn't reccomend touring the small streats near the town square at night as the last time I did there was a crazy man with a knife looking for trouble. Also a cheap bet for food is the town square. Every night over 100 vendors set up shop down there and sell all kinds on moroccan dishes. You can sit and eat till full for usually only a few dollars depending on what you get.

What's really great:
Deffinately check out the market on the edge of the town square. It is very large. Get ready to bargain. Try not to go into a store unless you have intentions of buying something. Browsing is not usually an easy option. You will get followed around by the shop owners...... If you are looking to explore morocco and want an inexpensive guide Ask about a guy named mounir. Ask juice seller #4 Adbul and he will know where to find him. Hotel CTM might also know. He doesn't work for a company or anything we were just talking one day and he decided to take me and a friend around morocco for a while. we rented a car and he took us all over the place. Dades and Todra Valley. Ourzazatche. Many other places I don't remember off the top of my head. He knew the place like the back of his hand. Had never left morocoo but knows 5 languages. We stayed in cheap accommodation along the way with usually noone else in the hotel at all. I think we paid him around 10-20 bucks a day.

Don't forget to pick up some saffron

Hotel CTM wasn't too bad at all. Good Price. Free breakfast. Clean enough

Wouldn't really reccomend going to marrakech for the bar scene. Most alchohol to be found here is purchased on the black market from what I saw.

Deffinately check out the town square at night for food.

Published on Wednesday June 25th, 2003

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Sun, Aug 12 2007 - 03:34 AM rating by adampl

This report really shows the atmosphere there. Plus lots of useful info. Thanks for sharing.

Wed, Feb 21 2007 - 11:03 AM rating by mistybleu

A informative report, thanks for the tips

Sat, Apr 09 2005 - 04:33 AM rating by magic_eye

A very sketchy report. More like a log. Get the general idea. Not bad

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