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patje64 Morocco City - A travel report by Patrick
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Morocco City,  Morocco - flag Morocco -  Marrakech
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patje64's travel reports

Traveling trough Morocco

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Me and my gall traveling Morocco by rented for 3 weeks November 2010 FES-MEKNES-MERZOUGA-OUARZAZATE-MARRAKECH-ESSAOUIRA-AGADIR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tanneries at Fes
Tanneries at Fes
Arriving at Fes airport and heading strait to Meknes by train where we had reserved our first nights in a riad. After two days at Meknes going back to Fes for another two days and rented a small car to do the route to Agadir over the Atlas mountains passing the desert at Merzouga. Also passed by Ouarzazate, Marrakech and Essauoira. Overall Morocco is easely to travel by car yourself as there is only one road to follow ;-) however take the time to do the distances and stop regularly to observe the remarking landscapes in Morocco. Nature stands out comparing to the busy overcrowded medina's in the city's and the neverlasting moroccan persistance to make you a few euro's lighter... gets really annoying after a while.

Favourite spots:
Life in the medina
Life in the medina
The medina's are nice to experience but as said before, the salesmen are really to pushy to get you to buy their goods. The desert at Merzouga are a must do! The calm and stars in the desert are a warm welcome. The kasbah Aid Benhaddou is just stunning, no wonder this has been scene for many movies. The coastal region at Essaouira is wonderfull, nice windy coastline with lots off possibilities to relax, real shame there's a cannabis-seller on every streetcorner ;-)
Agadir stands out in all this, looks rather like the moroccan saint-tropez, all tall buildings and flashy cars, nevertheless enjoyable thanks to the low prizes and fine restaurants.

What's really great:
Desert near Merzouga
Desert near Merzouga
Nature in Morocco is really worth doing the travel. Enough possibilities for backpackers to find good places to stay for cheap prizes, don't know about transport as we rented a car (350 euro's for two weeks and gas is very cheap too). Medina's are nice to experience but don't do too many ;-)
Staying at Merzouga in a kasbah near the desert, simply a must do !!!(2400DH/2pers). Cheap alcohol at Essaouira (whiskey=50DH). The food is really good, mostly tajines but very well served in most places (av.50DH). Better restaurants remain quiet cheaper than average european restaurants, a very descent meal for two: 700DH, including armanacs afterwards ;-)
Two weeks should do to discover the moroccan life, we found ourselves somewhat bored the last few days, we could have done some more places along the road but there are not really that much interesting places along the way.

Essaouira a fisherman
Essaouira a fisherman
Desert at Merzouga: a MUST DO !!!
Kasbah Aid Benhaddou
Essaouira experience the fishermens life.

Kasbah Aid Benhaddou
Kasbah Aid Benhaddou
Meknes: Riad Zahraa - 500 DH/D Room incl.BF ***
Fes: Pension Hotel Dalila **, very bad experience, got rooms in hotel next door because full? Overcharged us at the end and had to make myself really angry to get refunded. 250DH/D Room, incl.BF, nice and clean
Merzouga: Kasbah Erg Chebbi *** 2400 DH/D Room, 3 days incl.1 night in kasbah and 1 night in the desert, incl. Camelride, diners, siteseeing with 4x4 and guides. Nice location next to the dunes, good service, colourfull rooms.
Ouarzazate:Hotel Royal 190 DH/D Room ** Nice and clean but old.
Marrakech: Hotel Toulousain 230 DH/D Room incl.BF ** needs renewing!
Essaouira: Camping Le Calme 325 DH/D Suite with kitch. *** unfort. no water in pool :-( about 15 km from Essaouira.
Agadir: Hotel Tiznite - 160 DH/D Room, no BF ***** outstanding clean !!!

Lots of possibilities to eat and dine out. Going for cheap, the tajines are moroccan pride so it seems.
Going for somewhat better? We visited a few more expesinve restaurants, recommended by our guidbook (routard), all were very good comparing to the price you pay. Service offcourse is remarkable better in more expensive restaurants. Try to get a taste of every kitchen, you won't be disappointent ;-)

Other recommendations:
Somewhat disappointent that Morocco had so little to show besides the impressive nature, but the cities all do look alike, seen one medina then you've seen them all ;-)
The consistent pushing of the salesmen really gets to you're nerves after a while, never experienced a place wich whas soo anti-tourist. The prizes you get to hear are outrageous, if you do not know how to debate over the price, you're in the wrong place!!! Ex: bought a carpet 140X200cm and finally paid 140 euro where the opening price was 650 euro !!! Unfortunately this was in the beginning of the trip, otherwise we'd even get if for 70 euro's!
Besides the people far away from the cities, we did not have great meetings to remember wich is a bit sad :-( everybody is busy making dollars and euro's.

Published on Wednesday November 24th, 2010

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Sun, Nov 28 2010 - 07:57 AM rating by krisek

Thank you for this myriad of practical information, although the report is rather brief. I did a similar trip back in 1996...

Thu, Nov 25 2010 - 10:32 AM rating by jacko1

Good info & detail, sums up the pushy touts quite well, all in all an enjoyable read!

Wed, Nov 24 2010 - 04:34 PM rating by jorgesanchez

Very pleasant to read. Thanks.

Wed, Nov 24 2010 - 04:24 PM rating by horourke

very interesting. Written in a very direct style.

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