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mistybleu Munich - A travel report by Amanda
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Munich,  Germany - flag Germany -  Bayern
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Second time around....

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On my first visit to Germany I went to Düsseldorf, but I was invited to Munich to attend a conference and I couldn’t resist seeing another side of Germany.

Munich Skyline - from Wikipedia
Munich Skyline - from Wikipedia
I suppose it is a little wrong to write a report on Munich when we have so many members who actually live there and have a better knowledge of the city; this is why this report hasn’t been published in the three years since I created it. But I really enjoyed the city, so from an outsider looking in, here are some of my thoughts.

The drive from the airports was stunning; as the sun shone upon the Alps which seemed to dwarf my vehicle; it is a perfect location to spend a few days, albeit predominantly in a hotel.

The transfer time (from Munich International) is around 40 minutes by train (S-Bahn S1 and S8)) which runs every 10 minutes. By road it is about an hour to the city centre.

Munich has seen organic growth over the centuries; growing significantly from the small walled village, rich in history and culture to a developed city that still has charm and flare. The population is around 1.3 million.

I spent four days in Munich but only had time on the second to last day to explore. It was just wonderful wandering through streets and seeing the different types of architecture, from medieval, to Roman, to modern styles; everything being represented and creating a great feel throughout the city.

My trip ended on a bit of a strange note as I had an allergic reaction to some food I ate and ended up spending an evening in hospital, and an extra day recuperating; then when I got back to London and tried to develop my film, it was lost so I don’t have any pictures of my trip.

So many thanks go out to my fellow Globo members (Andy, Rudi, Martin and Murray) for allowing me to use some of their pictures to enhance this report. But oh the beauty of digital cameras, I shortly purchased my first after this experience!

Favourite spots:
Glockenbach from rangutan
Glockenbach from rangutan
Normally I would never choose a park or garden as my favourite spot. But outside of the Marienplatz, the Englischer Garten really took my fancy and on a nice sunny day it was a superb place to visit. The garden dates back to the 1700s and its name describe a type of garden which has informal landscaping.

Within the gardens there are many areas of interest: Monopteros, Steinerne Bank, Rumford-Saal, Kleinhesseloher See, Hirschau, Japanisches Teehaus and then my favourite the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower). The tower is surrounded by a large beer garden which makes it a perfect place to spend a few hours.

The funny thing was, while walking to through the gardens I saw a few men sunbathing in the nude; yes you heard me, naked as the day they were born. It was so shocking that it was comical. But apparently this is allowed – the only thing that was strange was how come it was only men that took up the challenge - hmmm this speaks volumes.

What's really great:
River surfing in Munich from andreas
River surfing in Munich from andreas
Well it wasn't the food, as I ended up eating something that I had a bad reaction to and was rushed to hospital.

I think getting an understanding of the Bavarian culture was brilliant. Before visiting I just viewed it as the Germany but now I know that Bavaria has 20% land mass of Germany and that Munich is the capital in Upper Bavaria and the culture is slightly different from the rest of Germany.

It shares borders with the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Austria; and apparently the opening scene from the Sound of Music was filmed here).

Bayrisches National Museum from mortimer
Bayrisches National Museum from mortimer
The centre of Munich is great to explore on foot as there are many pedestrianised areas (known as Fussgangerzones). The main square to head for is Marienplatz (there are many shops, restaurants etc); check out Neues Rathaus (the new town hall) and Altes Rathaus (the old town hall) be sure to stay around for the Glockenspiele performance at 5pm. Also climb to the top of St Peter's church for great views of the city.

Moving away from Marienplatz, there is: Hofbrauhaus (see restaurant section), Hellabrunn Zoo - next to the Istar River, Englischer Garten, Nymphenburg Palace, Theatinerkirche St. Kajetan, Cathedral Church of Our Lady, Ludwigstass and of course the Olympic Park for example.

Siegestor at night from andreas
Siegestor at night from andreas
I stayed at a fantastic boutique hotel and the best hotel I've stayed in while called the Bayerischer Hof.

This is a really lovely hotel, situated in the heart of Munich, close to quite a few tourist attractions including on the Promenadeplatz, St. Ludwig (Ludwigskirche), Siegestor and the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Bavarian State Library. It has good transports connections (there is a tram stop right outside of the hotel) and is very close to an extensive shopping area.

Bavarian Alps - Wikipedia
Bavarian Alps - Wikipedia
I don't really drink much beer, I'm more of a shandy girl, but the idea of beer gardens are great. Even if your not in a beer garden, during the summer sitting out site is perfect. The weather in munich is great in the summer, but also has a lot of rainfall.

850th Anniversary: Platzl from rangutan
850th Anniversary: Platzl from rangutan
The Hofbrauhaus is a great place to enjoy a Bavarian evening, filled with entertainment, dancing, eating and lots of drinking.

It really is all that it is cracked up to be, the food is great; I had shoulder-cut pork roast with cracklings, potato dumpling, bread dumpling and homemade bacon-cabbage salad, but the drink was better.

All waitresses were dressed in local attire and the decoration is a little rustic, but this just adds a wonderful feel.

I believe this is one of the oldest breweries in Germany and the atmosphere is perfect, and really worth experiencing.

Other recommendations:
Octoberfest from murrayskinner
Octoberfest from murrayskinner
Not really a spot but the best time to visit Munich if for Oktoberfest; it is a big tourist draw to the area; the festival starts in the middle of September and runs into October.

For tourists and locals alike it is a great excuse to drink lots beer, eat sausages and sing until the early hours of the morning. But it isn’t only about the beer; there are many tents that provide a little fun and entertainment for the whole family. For example you can get local items to buy, rides for the children and there is also food on sale.

Published on Monday November 2th, 2009

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Wed, Nov 04 2009 - 08:07 PM rating by krisek

Interesting report, Amanda. I actually quite like the idea of planting others' photos in the report (not so hot on the Wiki ones, though) - I might use that idea as well, one day... hehe. I have been in Munich once, when I was delayed on my trip to Georgia, so I managed to see the old town, and drink some of my favourite hefe weizen beer...

Wed, Nov 04 2009 - 11:01 AM rating by jorgesanchez

I have been in Munich several times, but after reading your excellent report I feel that I have missed many places that you describe!

Mon, Nov 02 2009 - 08:48 PM rating by porto

Excellent report as usual Amanda, keep up the good work.

Mon, Nov 02 2009 - 07:30 PM rating by eirekay

Great report with practical tips - not sure I would want to walk up, unprepared, on nude sunbathers either :-)

Mon, Nov 02 2009 - 06:45 PM rating by jacko1

A good report from an 'outsider' Amanda, good detail!.

Mon, Nov 02 2009 - 11:49 AM rating by pesu

Thanks, Amanda, for your brave report about a city I love. It made me wish to go there again very soon. ;-) To be a bit pedantic: Bavaria shares the above mentioned borders, not its capital Munich.

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