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ktsourir New Orleans - A travel report by Katy
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New Orleans,  United States - flag United States -  Louisiana
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Let the good times roll in the Big Easy

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New Orleans. It is a feeling of slowed-down time. It is a different world down there. From the people to the food to the 'look,' this is one unique city.

New Orleans has many personalities: elegant woman 'd'un certain age'; hot-blooded lover; drinking buddy; new monied intellect; sportsmans' paradise (natch); 5-star chef; voo-doo queen; and otherworldy visitor. To step foot onto the soil of New Orleans, is to awaken all of your senses. I remember visiting there for the first time at the age of about 7. We had been out late at some fancy place in the quarter, and were headed home when I heard the music. A lone sax player on the corner. I had never heard anything like that music. I wanted to stay and watch, but my body was so tired, and my dad had to carry me off. New Orleans has a unique soundtrack. Trolley cars, steam whistles and jazz seem to populate its streets. New Orleans also has a taste! From the strong chicory of Cafe du Monde coffee to the exquisite remoulade sauce at Gallatoires -- this is a city to enliven the taste buds! The feel -- the heaviness of the humidity and heat -- helps make this place seem so laid back. It is just too hot to move any faster. Things get done in their own time.

Favourite spots:
Anywhere on the Mississippi in a river boat is a beautiful experience. Preservation Hall on Bourbon Street for the old music and fantastic musicians. Commander's Palace! Riding a trolley car through the Garden district.

What's really great:
I love the history of this place. Especially of note are the cemetaries. Because NOLA is below sea level, no one is 'buried' underground. Rather, there are very unique mausoleums and tombs built above ground. They are a museum themselves.

The Riverwalk, to see the, um...river. The cemetaries. The French Quarter, of course. Bourbon street.

Pat O'Brians on Bourbon street. You MUST try a hurricaine here, but be forewarned. They pack a fierce punch.

The Classics: Gallatoires; Commander's palace (turtle soup and bread pudding!); any of Brennan's places; Camilla Grill.
And, of course, CAFE DU MONDE for the best coffee and beignets in the world.
Runner up for coffee: CC's (Community Coffee).

Published on Tuesday February 22th, 2005

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Tue, Feb 22 2005 - 11:49 AM rating by johnnye00

Too bad you do not have some pictures, it sounds like you know what means to miss New Orleans (from a song)

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