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leillli Paris - A travel report by leili
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Paris,  France - flag France -  Ile-de-France
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leillli's travel reports

Le bon voyage

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Paris,the city of intelectuals,fashion...and the beauty well combined, modern and is the place of blacks and whites who are living in peace...the city of wine,cafe and art...

well-design city
well-design city
Generally,What i have seen was quiet different by what i have heard!my preivious perspective was visiting a very selfish,rude people..but voila!!they have been interstingly polite and no way to call them selfish,it might be better if i say...alittle bit proud but wellborn!Paris is a real well-design city,in my opinion.

Favourite spots:
iranian column
iranian column
unlike others which found,champ elysee,the most terrific place,this famous street wes not what i expect to see!very crowded,wide street which i couldn't enjoy walking in!the only things i could get there ,was 4 great perfum which i bought from Sephora:)

But there is a special place,specific atmosphere which i felt in love with...undoubtedly it is Louvre great it is,collection of the best!the whole time i spend there was like a journey,passing through each salon,visiting what i call our past.Beside all these beauties,exeptions,there were a magnificant salon,my own own grands...Iran Empire Salon,the moment i steped in,i just couldn't stop my running tears...i even can not explain it,in word...feeling like a great lost!we've just lost every single part of our glourious country..louvre where a place which i could see these hidden visual piece.peices that unfourtunatly we have to see them in France not Iran.

What's really great:
small Eiffel in hands of a seller
small Eiffel in hands of a seller
as i am the one who enjoy being in different places,meet new people,the best part was when i got separated from my group,actually i have to admit that i was lost so it made me find my own way in this city which there is no tiny word written in english specially in the metro which it may come in handy!!!!so..let's say the hardest moment but the best was talking to parisian who were love to help a desperate girl ,searching ways :))but what surprised me was their lack of knowledge in english!or....they didn't want to?!han?welll....i'm not sure yet:)

Notredame du paris
Notredame du paris
I do wonder why all the world, wanna take picture in Eiffel tower?!i had the same dream one day but it was all a big mistake!don't be prejudice my french friend but i didn't impressed being there!by the way,with hands down,eifel tower's night view is the best sight which can be seen from everywhere.

The other magnificent monument was Notre dame Cathedral,an effective frightening church where you can find detailed windows and nice sculptures,particularly its location is across the sain river so that would be marvelous in a shiny summery day if you're the one who enjoy striding:)

A view of the modern Paris
A view of the modern Paris
The hotel we were settled down was at the north-east corner of Paris,which i thought it would be the worst choice ever ,that would be great if someone could rest at the center of arts and whole galleries the problem is,it is toooooo expensive!,so honestly it wasn't that much bad to stay far far... , because of the metro stations which in my case located exactly at hotel entrance!parfait!isn't it?Hotel called Campanila,small,cosy rooms and a tiny bath which was horrible to take a shower!but to tell you the truth ,it had the best chef!so delicious meal that made us to eat there all the time:D

Moulin rouge at night
Moulin rouge at night!there are so many place which you can joy,like champ elysee,there,plenty of great cafe is what you can see around yourself,order a cup of cafe then sit there for 2hours!!like all french;)my own special diary was a night in Lido,where i could enjoy old music, acrobatism,pretty dancers and drinking champagne all together,that cost me about 90!

on the other hand,cœur de sucre is a space which i found it very cheap and low class,urine stink but it is suitable for a hippy drunk groups :Dthe place you can drink cheap beer and terrific french cakes ,street music beside a complete view of the city and even shiny Eiffel tower,what i have noticed in cœur de sucre was a neighbourhood which it was located in,...a street that was fulled with sex shops!don't you ever dare,walking in the late night at this quartier alone,that could be dangerous if you are intoxicated;)..but if you dared,by just a few minutes walking and watching sex shops!you can visit the lovely dreamy Moulin Rouge:)

urban space of pompidou
urban space of pompidou
where i could hangout was an urban space called Goerge Pompidou(if i write right)an urban space which have been changed the whole atmospher of this voisinage,changed to where people can enjoy street music,read book,drink..walk and be in french neibourhood

i still wondering why le francais spend so much time on eating?!!i did my best to eat like them but it just didn't work out! i have to confess,however i didn't enjoy one specific restaurant but i had the best breakfast ever,and the most beautiful deceitful,cupcake;)

Other recommendations:
my friend & i in disneyland
my friend & i in disneyland
where i did have fun was,at Disneyland PARC:))i know this is funny at my age but I've never been in a place like that before,what really interesting for me was,the population of children that i have seen there!i don't get why European are complaining about lack of population?!!they have 2,3kids with a very small gap age!

if i wanna write specific point about this parc,i should say couple of games with an adult taste can be found but i think that would be a greater option to choose if you accompany your child,undoubtedly your kids are going to be delighted to be with fairytales:)by the way the entry ticket was about 50 euro which can be use for every single game.

Published on Thursday March 4th, 2010

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Thu, May 27 2010 - 10:32 PM rating by farnaz

bon courage ma chere amie! :-)

Tue, Apr 06 2010 - 02:38 PM rating by jorgesanchez

Very pleasant read

Mon, Mar 08 2010 - 10:28 AM rating by krisek

A great and personal report, indeed! I read it with a single breath - it was so enjoyable to see your perspective. I have been to Paris on many occasions and I can relate to a few of your comments. A concept that everyone everywhere in Europe speaks English is a false one! Almost all British learn French at school and they would not be able to save their lives if it depended on articulating a couple of sentences in French. Parisians seem to enjoy an option of being unfriendly and unhelpful, but this is a stereotype, and the further south in France you go, more helpful people you'll find, plus Brittany (I have to agree with Tony). It is interesting to read how unsafe you found Place Blanche and Pigale - I thought it was totally safe there for me - but I am not a single girl, mind you. Uh, I resisted Louvre to date, but perhaps I should make time for it, when I am next in Paris...

Fri, Mar 05 2010 - 03:59 AM rating by bineba

A very enjoyable and personal report. Isn't it amazing, that if 100 people go to a place, you'll get 100 different reports? There is something for everybody and everybody will find something they enjoy.

Thu, Mar 04 2010 - 07:39 AM rating by jacko1

I found this very interesting and a different viewpoint, your comment about the unwillingness to speak English is common everywhere in France, the only exception I found was in Brittany where almost everone is helpful, a good report!

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