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yuliangpang Rimini - A travel report by yuliang
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Rimini,  Italy - flag Italy -  Emilia-Romagna
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Rimini-more than beach

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Most travellers come to Rimini in summer time for its beach. Rimini who claims to be Europe's Miami does not have only beach, it has many other interesting things which deserve you pay a visit at any time, not just summer.

Tiberius' Bridge-2000 years old
Tiberius' Bridge-2000 years old
I visited Rimini during a weekend, but before i got there i was more interested in the nearby well-known town, Ravenna and did not plan to stay there long time. Because i came there not for the beach, i prefered history. But when i began to wander, i changed my mind very quickly and decided to take some time and explore this interesting town.

Like all the other italian towns, the main sights of the town around the main square, Piazza Tre Martiri( the three Martyrs), but the historic areas are too small, you do not need to find where it is. Anyway, there is an information office on the left side of the station, you may collect the city map or any other information there. There are two main roads in the heart of the city, crosscutting each other and making the layout of city like a cross, which signifies the christian nature of the town. One major road is called Corso D'augusto, at the very each end of which has one most important symbol of this city. On the left end of the road stands Arco d'Augusto, on the other end of the road lies the Tiberius' Bridge. The other main road is named Via G. Garibaldi, which is connected by two historic places at its very end of both sides, Temple Malatestiano and Castle Malatestiano. Another main sight is called Cavour Square, where you may find the statue of Paolo V, Galli theather, an old fish market as well as a fountain, called Fontana della Pigna.

Favourite spots:
the Bridge at night
the Bridge at night
1. Tiberius' Bridge (Ponte di Tiberio)

Built 2000 years ago, but still used as the main doorway to the city. I still remember when i was in primary school in China, there was one text called Zhao Gong Qiao, introducing the history of an old bridge built in 1506. I am very proud of the strength of that bridge, but when i got there, i feel very small, because Tiberius Bridge was built around 1500 years earlier. In China, it is very difficult to find some buildings more than 500 years, let alone 2000 years. Tiberius Bridge is a living history of Rimini, witnessing its two-millenia vicissitudes.

2. Arch of Augustus

Another around 2000-year historical monument. On the outside of the arch, you can find the remanents of the wall.

3. Tempio Malatestiano

In the most well-known travelling book, Eyewitness Travel Italy, there is aound one page about Rimini, but most of the information is about Tempio Malastestino, by which you may tell by yourself how wonderful it is.

What's really great:
Arch of Augustus
Arch of Augustus
there is something i do not finish about Tempio Malastestiano is that the two photos in Eyewitness Travel Italy about Rimini were taken in Tempio Malatesta.

4. Rocca Malastesta or Castel Sismondo

This castel is also related to the Malastestiano family who built the Tempio Malatestiano. It is impressing from outside, but nothing special, just red bricks and high postion. Like any other castles, it was used to be a prison.

5.Piazza Tre Martiri (so called Three Martyrs Square)

you may find the bronze statue of Giulio Cesare in the corner, a small church called Sant'antonio as well as water tower, so called Torre dell'Orologio in italian. You may also find an encircled area, which show you the excarvation of the original road.

the lonely seaside
the lonely seaside
there are some other nice places in Rimini, the Amphitheater. But you have been to Colosso, then nothing new it is.

wow, what's nice house and cozy sofa, tonight i will have a good sleep!!
wow, what's nice house and cozy sofa, tonight i will have a good sleep!!
I stayed in the Napolean Hotel, 50 meters far from the station. very cheap, only 37 Euro per night, including breakfast. The room was a little bit small, but it was enough for one person. I did like the breakfast, the corneto with chocolate was very declious.

Piazza Cavour at night
Piazza Cavour at night
It must be a good relaxation if you did see what you had seen at the daytime once again at night, everything became quite different. Try it.

night scene
night scene
All the bars are centered around the seafronts, but i did not like bars, i prefered wandering along the narrow streets and historical areas again.

the angel with wing in Tempio Malatestiano
the angel with wing in Tempio Malatestiano
you are not necessary go to restaurants, i found the pizza here very cheap and declious. Each piece was around 2.5 Euro, i promise you just order two pieces, you will be definitely full.

Other recommendations:
fontana della pigna, Piazza Cavour
fontana della pigna, Piazza Cavour
if you do not like beach, please avoid visiting Rimini in Summer time.

Published on Wednesday October 22th, 2008

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Thu, Nov 06 2008 - 04:46 AM rating by rangutan

Well done!

Wed, Oct 22 2008 - 09:23 PM rating by mistybleu

An interesting report and a nice place for a day out.

Wed, Oct 22 2008 - 01:07 PM rating by plancarpin

very exhaustive and well documented report!

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