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anna_moon Rome - A travel report by Polly
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Rome,  Italy - flag Italy -  Lazio
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Rome in a rush

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Rome travelogue picture
Rome wasn’t built in a day,goes the old adage, and we discovered it cannot be visited in one either. This was my second trip to the eternal city, the first for my father and brother. Many tempers were raised and tears shed over what we would see in the short time we had there.

Favourite spots:
Rome travelogue picture
We ended up forgoing the Vatican and the hotel’s guided car tour, and instead focused on ancient Rome. Our first stop was the Colosseum, where we took a guided tour offered by students. While we were skeptical, the tour ended up being very informative, and very long. We rushed through the forum, my brother and I pointing out all the major monuments. By the time we reached the arch of Septimus Severus, the sun was already casting a golden glow on one side of the monuments – very beautiful. We raced past the Vittorio Emmanuel monument, hoping the Pantheon would still be open. Though the center of the floor was roped off, looking up at the dome was still an amazing experience. We headed over to the Piazza Navona and sat there for a while, looking at the fountains and the vendors selling art. Our last stop was the Trevi fountain, where we tossed our three coins in the fountain and clapped with everyone else for the bride and groom who were having their pictures taken.

What's really great:
Rome travelogue picture
Though this trip was rushed, Rome is still my favorite Italian city. Nowhere else do you get that mixture of the ancient and the living. No where else would you see a Ferrari honk impatiently at a horse-drawn carriage on a narrow, cobblestone street, and get to see the animated gestures of the drivers before settling on a truce. The forum, still mercifully free, is a great place to wander about with a guidebook. Also, sitting by the Trevi Fountain at the end of the day, watching the crowds go by, is good to do if you can find a place to sit! We refilled our water bottles at the fountain at the far end, and relaxed.

Rome travelogue picture
If we had to do it again, we’d take another day to see the Vatican. I went there last time I was in Rome, and though we chose not to see it this time, it really is amazing. The beautifully designed square, the church’s immense size, the museums full of art, and of course the Sistine chapel make it perhaps the largest attraction in Rome. Fans of ‘Roman Holiday’ will want to visit the Boca della Verita, and stick their hand in its mouth. Also noteworthy is the city’s stray cat population – most are actually taken care of by a brigade of vets and old ladies who feed the cats and keep them healthy. Sitting in the Piazza Navona at night and eating gelato is good fun, and the Spanish Steps are another attraction worth seeing.

Rome travelogue picture
Good rule of thumb – no matter how early your flight leaves – do not stay at the airport. We made this mistake, and though it is very handy for leaving the country, it is not a good choice for seeing Rome proper. Any transportation to Rome will be extremely expensive – the train tickets were almost 10 euros each way, and the cabbies at the airport will rip you off excessively (we managed to find one very kind soul who drove us to our hotel five minutes away for 12 euros – as opposed to the 40 other cabbies wanted).

Published on Saturday September 20th, 2003

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Sat, Oct 16 2004 - 09:23 PM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii polly ,
excellent to read your report,actually i have heard a lot abt rome ,and u report gave more much more .

Thu, Oct 07 2004 - 05:45 PM rating by italian-link

Hi Polly,
Excellent report on really covered the major points. Cute cat in the photo. One thing people don't realize is that Italians love thier cats.

Keep up the good work


Wed, Feb 11 2004 - 10:19 PM rating by jwmarkham

Hi Polly! Thanks for the article on Rome. It is also my favorite city. It was fun that you described Rome through the frenzy of your hurried trip with your brother and father. I had a very different experience. The most frenzied was my 45 minute tour of the Vatican Museums on my last day. I haven't written an article yet, but you have encouraged me.
Jim Markham

Mon, Nov 24 2003 - 10:49 PM rating by whereisliz

It's amazing how much Rome you can see in a day! I recently went back for another visit, and saw 2 major museums, 2 churches and an opera all in one day -- & there's always more to see!

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