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Sagada - A travel report by dang-on
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Sagada,  Philippines - flag Philippines -  Mountain
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dangon82's travel reports

S A G A D A- Shangrila of the North

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It is where I found true serenity. One can find a peaceful rest and unwine from a stressful life this world gives...Sagada the so called Shangri La of the North truly is a great and lovely place!

Sagada travelogue picture
It is located in Poblacion Mountain Province Phillipines. Sagada is one of the most beautiful places I've seen. Indeed its quiet and peaceful nature just draw me and let me stay in this place. I just love the clean and green environment it offers. Its a small town wherein the lovely people living here are considered one small family, I'm amazed that they are all related one way with the other.

A village gifted with beautiful nature and cool climate, Awesome indeed!

Favourite spots:
Sagada travelogue picture
Sumaguing Cave, the most popular tourist spot, I consider it the 8th wonder of the world. The adventure inside is awesome although tis cool inside its worth it when you go out, indeed its natural beauty makes me say ah.....yes its really beautiful and amazing....thanx for the maker....

Bokong or the so called small falls, is a walking distance from the vicinity of the town. Located at Nangonogan wherein you can go swimming and let the cool water refresh you. In visiting the awesome falls, one can choose to pass through the beautiful rice fields or can walk by the roadside.

Night swimming is also good, One can feel the coolness of the evening, try it sometime. Just be extra careful during the adventure, to have some guide beside you or a trusted buddy for safety reasons who knows ....just in case something happens!

What's really great:
Sagada travelogue picture
The nature and the scenery and the loving small community.

Sagada travelogue picture
After visiting the Bokong falls or the small falls, try also the Bomod-ok falls or the big falls, it is far from the town vicinity and one would ride a car and hike from a mountain before you arrive at the beautiful scene.

rock inn
rock inn
I recommend Rock Inn for solitude because its quite distant from the town and sorrounded by trees. Wherein we have many inns in the town vicinity like the St. Joseph, Ganduyan inn, Guest House, Igorot Inn, Residential Lodge, Traveller's Inn, Billys house, Churya-a,Alapos, Residential Lodge, Mapiya-aw, George Guest House, Alibama and many more....During peak season like Holy Week and Holidays they have many tourists so even the houses of the residents are also accepting transients others have to camp in the mission compound.

Sagada travelogue picture
This very quiet place indeed has some hangouts, some good place like Rockey Valley at Nangonogan.. and Bamboo Grill near the Municipal hall, Alibama down at Daoangan, Treasure Rock at Makingking and many more lovely places to go. Go look for it they are just scattered within the town.

Enjoy the peaceful evening. Reminding only that Sagada has curfew hour at 9 pm so all establishments should be close by then, but for some reasons and for tourists I guess they are open, thats business.

Sagada travelogue picture
I just recommend Treasure Rock located at Makingking, its an open hangout sorrounded by pine trees!

Sagada travelogue picture
They have many healthy and good restaurants here in Sagada. Try St. Joseph, Alfredos, Ganduyan at the town proper,Yoghurt House & Banas down at Dagdag, Lemon Pie House farther at Makingking and many more.... Find them and enjoy. Happy eating!

Other recommendations:
echo valley w/ hanging coffins
echo valley w/ hanging coffins
Just after the St. Theodore's Hospital of Sagada and the Saint Mary's the Virgin Church located at Poblacion, you just go up the mountain in front of the church and lo behold their Echo Valley awaits you. It is a quiet place where one can rest. Try to shout at the top of your voice or sing and then you could hear your voice echoing back. Just be extra careful not to fall at the high steep, Life has still many beautiful things to offer.

Try Danum for picnic grounds. It is a beautiful lake and is sorrounded by trees. One can enjoy camping or overnight parties here. Danum can be reached by car or one could hike too.

Published on Friday June 27th, 2008

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Thu, Jun 25 2009 - 02:20 AM rating by jacko1

Good report and enjoyable reading.

Mon, Jun 30 2008 - 04:09 AM rating by marianne

good travel tips, good photos

Sun, Jun 29 2008 - 04:03 AM rating by horourke

This is a good report which you could extend by editing. You might start by describing how one reaches echo valley. Well done.

Sat, Jun 28 2008 - 10:34 AM rating by davidx

A bit short but good information and fine pics. For a first report it promises much and I look forward to your next.

Sat, Jun 28 2008 - 08:10 AM rating by rangutan

A good collection of brief travel tips.

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