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jackchang7 Seoul - A travel report by jack
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Seoul,  Korea, South - flag Korea, South -  S÷ul
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jackchang7's travel reports

University twon, Shinchon

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Seoul is famous for many things. Shinchon is one of them. It's the most popular and interesting area in Seoul. There are a lot of things to see and taste and also you canbuy it. for anybody who loves to talk over a glass of beer and also for a shopping..

Seoul City Hall
Seoul City Hall
Shinchon is a famous district for its shopping streets in Seoul. It is also well-know as a universitis area. Ewha Woman's university, Yonse, Sogang, Hong-ik university are located there. Shinchon area is filled with those students at night, they get together at pubs and they enjoy talking over drinks. It's very vivid and active atmosphere. You can join them without any strange feeling so just step in and say hello then they will accept you and starts talking freely. Streets of Shinchon are filled with youths wearing the latest fashions. Many clothes shops, accessory shops,shoes salons as well as discotheques and restaurants offer things for the youths to buy and enjoy their lives.

Favourite spots:
World Cup Stadium
World Cup Stadium
Chang-anpong Antique market is perhaps one of the biggest antique markets in the orient. It is located in the eastern Seoul past Tongdaemon gate towards the Chonho bridge. There, you can see many kinds of antiques ranging from the earthenware of the Shilla Kingdon to the celadons of Koryo dynasty and the porcelains of Chonso dynasty. Everyday antique furniture and household goods including candles, personal accessories, paintings, callgraphy, old chests are displayed and sold there. You can get anything with very cheap prices

What's really great:
Han River
Han River
It's swap market. The so called flea market is a famous second hand market. It is located in Tongdaemon Studium, near the Tongdaemon gate in Seoul. More than 500 shops are filled with seon hand articles such as television, vedio recorders, compat discs, garments and so on. There you can see how many foreigners from all over the world(backpackers, business men, students, and also workers...etc) are coming and they enjoy shopping clothings, shoes, accesaries even blankets and refregeraters....etc-. Just browsing would be also good enough, too. So, I would strongly recommend you to come and see what the Seoul is.

Doksu Palace in the middle of Seoul City
Doksu Palace in the middle of Seoul City
There are enough places to stay with low prices in Seoul city. From $15 us to $30 us or more if you want cheat lodges.

Other recommendations:
The Yongsan electronics market is the largest speciality market of electronic goods and computers in Korea. It is composed of 21 buildings. In these buildings there are more than 5,000 shops. This market is larger than the world famouse Akihabara eletronics market in Japan. Korean and foreign made household appliances, TV, audio equipment, office supplies and other things are dealt in at the Yongsan Electronics market, too. Korean-made goods can be bought usually at a price 10 or 20% lower than in regular stores. Prices of imported products can be 40 less.
So, there are always many foreigners to buy something cheat and useful.

Published on Wednesday July 6th, 2005

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Thu, Jul 07 2005 - 09:35 AM rating by bear495

This is very nice. However, there feels as though it is not quite complete. Perhaps a little bit more detail could improve the report.

Thu, Jul 07 2005 - 01:43 AM rating by mkrkiran


Good report. A few pictures could have helped to get a bit more understanding the place


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