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Stockholm - A travel report by Brad
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Stockholm,  Sweden - flag Sweden -  Stockholms Lan
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Venice of the North

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Stockholm travelogue picture
Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is not shocking or utterly awe inspiring initially, but its beauty is in its quiet nature. Situated on three main islands (and hundreds more) this is one of the easiest cities to figure out. The subway system works on two main grids, the green line and red line and it is rather difficult to get confused. Virtually all Swedes under the age of 60 speak English and LOVE to speak English. You will have little chance to practice your Svenska. As with most countries of northern Europe, it is a little more expensive here than in the south, but so worth it. The beauty of this city is absolutely stunning and if you come in the summer, the city basically shuts down with festivals, couples walking everywhere, swimming, picnics, drinking (lots of that is done!), and just enjoying life for the short four months of sun they have!

Favourite spots:
Stockholm travelogue picture
Gammel Stan (Old Town) is the highlight. Small walking streets on cobblestones with 8 story high buildings of Swedish archetural character. Pubs galore (classy, however), cheese shops, wine cellars, touristy shopping, cultural gizmos, well, you get the point. Have lunch on the edge of Gammel Stan which would put you on the water.

Skansen is another great spot with beautiful old style shops, animals, children playing, etc. It is a wonderful outdoor museum and a five minute walk from the Wasa (Vasa) Museum.

What's really great:
Stockholm travelogue picture
The people. Many say they are a cold natured breed, but I disagree. To become real good friends, yes, they are tougher to get into however you aren't going to get that incredibly close with anyone from any country on a trip! They will help you eagerly with anything you need.

Stockholm travelogue picture
The obvious...Drottingham Palace...well, read about sure to check out Skansen which is an open air museum...take the ferry across from Gammelstan. Worth going to...not too touristy. Worth it. Also the Wasa (Vasa) museum.

Stockholm travelogue picture
Least expensive you will find is about 20 USD or so a night. Not much less than that. There are places everywhere with the exception of Gammel Stan. Ask at the tourist info station in

Some of the most up scale clubs in Europe are here. For the young and beautiful (with deep pockets), go to Cafe Opra...others? You have to check it out. Not my bag baby!

Pubs are the best part of the nightlife. 10 minute walk from Gammelstan is Slussen. Pubs everywhere there...some nice ones in Gammel Stan as well.

Fun place to check out is Ko Phan Ang about a 15 minute walk from Medborgeplatsen. It is a Thai restaurant but it is a BLAST...completely loaded with all sorts of relics from Thailand. Even though you may want only Swedish culture because, well, you are IN Sweden, this place is a must. Watch the extra spicy food orders, they are, EXTRA SPICY! Gets very crowded here most days, esp weekends. Call for reservations.

Published on Tuesday September 17th, 2002

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Wed, Apr 26 2006 - 03:30 PM rating by lafalott

Good job, you got all the basics down. I love Stockholm, I am even more excited for the Summer to come from what you have said!

Wed, Oct 05 2005 - 01:24 PM rating by gegeone

Having lived there every third week for about one and a half year, I fully agree with you. I also enjoyed cruises in the Archipelago. Boats are cheap over there.

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