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Tashkent - A travel report by Victor
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Tashkent,  Uzbekistan - flag Uzbekistan
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vicbonn's travel reports

Dental tour in Tashkent

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At first, when my tooth started to ache, I ran to local clinic in my hometown, Bonn. After diagnostics we, me and my doctor, tried to figure out approximate price on treatment.

Navoi Theatre
Navoi Theatre
Well, I never considered myself as a greedy person, but with all that crisis up and around, even I was seeking of some price cutting. So, I heeded advice from friends, and begun to search the Net for more inexpensive pricing on treatment. I decided to look for dental tourism. From travel opportunities I've found, I pick Uzbekistan. There are some factors, which directed my descision:First, the price was unbelievably good, Second - I never visit that country, before, but from what I heard, Tashkent seemed ok. So it comes to present moment - I made reservation on and take my way to Central Asia.
I arrived two days ago, so I already familiarized myself with some of the attractions. Most interesting place for me appeared Old City Bazaar, this monumental market charmed me - I walk on the site a couple of hours and bought good dagger - I'll take it with me to Germany, so I can strike fear in hearts of my neighbours. And, fruits is very good, too. Well, the prices are not very friendly, because locals feels an easy target in me, but personal guide, provided by Stomaservice, haggle as hell. Then, I took a ride on subway - very exciting, I'll tell you. I reached for city center - it's very likeable place, but it's very ordinary, common for big city, nothing special. A pack of boutiques, restaurants and bars. On Broadway I found, mainly, painters. It was fun, so I bought one of the pictures.
Few words about Stomaservice clinic - it is really good. Friendly, pleasant personnel, state-of-the-art facilities, and benefical pricing - what's more to say? Very pleasant experience, ok.
Ah, and if tomorrow will be good, sunny day, not like today, I plan to visit Tashkent Aquapark! Some people recommended me that. Today is rainy sad weather, is much like London, I think. Because of it I siting in my appartments and making this report to please myself. But I don't mind if someone will take pleasure in my report, too.

Favourite spots:
Square Near the Aquapark
Square Near the Aquapark
Chorsu Bazaar is the best excitment in Tashkent.
Stomaservice clinic also not bad - very usefull, in terms of dental aid.
Broadway - best thing on this street are painters
Aquapark (tomorrow will show)

What's really great:
Fruits on Chorsu - cheap and tasty! Daggers and all this native stuff on Bazaar is also very much fun

Mustakillik Maydony - Independence square

Grand Plaza Hotel

Other recommendations:
Japanese Rock Garden
Chorsu Bazaar

Published on Friday June 5th, 2009

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Sun, Jun 07 2009 - 01:58 AM rating by just_alex

Interestingly, never thought about Asia as of possibility of dental tourism. May be it's true

Fri, Jun 05 2009 - 10:59 AM rating by jacko1

A very different and, may I say, refreshing, report, this the first time I have ever heard of anybody going to Tashkent to visit a dentist, this alone deserves 5 stars...................

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