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nicoparnasse Tehran - A travel report by Nicolas
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Tehran,  Iran - flag Iran
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Tehran airports : VISA and Transfert

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To go to Shiraz and to come back from Esfahan, I made my way through Tehran. I first had to take a 2 week airport tourist visa, then to transfert by myself from Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) to Mehrabad airport (THR) for local flights.

Bus to go from IKA to THR
Bus to go from IKA to THR
Getting 2 week tourist Visa at IKA airport :

I made the choice to take my Visa at the arrival at Tehran international airport (it is also said to be possible in any Iranian international airport, like Shiraz for example, depending on your flights).
Many people ask questions aout it on the web and are always afraid not to get it once in. So here is my little contribution : no problem for me.
I arrived at night (4h30) at IKA, coming from Paris via Moscow (Aeroflot). Soon after exiting from the plane, just before controls, I saw a little office with 'Visa' on it. I asked for the 2 weeks visa and they just gave me a little and simple form to fill in. On it, for the local contact I just put Bagher (Shervin19) phone number with no name and no adress. The officer - always very politely - asked me where I was going (local flight for Shiraz) and if I had an hotel there : I just answered the truth, no, that my friend would take me there : absolutely NO PROBLEM. I had to pay 50 € for the Visa and did not have to provide any photo (even I had in case of). They took my passport and the form, then told me to wait. Afetr 10/15 minutes, I was called just to pay the 50 € at the neighbouring desk, and so was it : good bye and good ridence!
At the control 50 meters later they just kept me 2 minutes to scan my fingerprints (just to do the same France ask for Iranian citizen), and bye bye also. My bag was waiting for me down the stairs, and there I could also change some € for the road...

Favourite spots:
Plane to Shiraz
Plane to Shiraz
Take the bus from IKA to THR airports :

To go to Mehrabad airport (local flights), a few dozen kilometers away, one can take the taxi, but one guy had told me at Moscow that it was about 20$, which is true. I so went to take a bus for cheaper price. I found them very easily close to the taxis (yellow bus, see the photo). I asked to be sure that it was ok, then sat with a few other local people (I paid 20 000=2$ as I did not have smaller money but don't know the exact price, always far cheaper than taxi for nearly same time). At maybe 5 after 15 minutes wait, we moved. The way is rather long despite the highway and it took 45' to get there (even if the driver was driving like in Formula 1) and with not to many circulation at night (but Tehran is already very busy at this time). In fact the bus does not really stop exactly in front of the airport, but within it. The driver told me which company I was flying on, I answered Iran Air, and I had to walk only 100 meters to be in the hall...

What's really great:
Bagher (Shervin19) with 2 of his sisters waiting for me at Shiraz
Bagher (Shervin19) with 2 of his sisters waiting for me at Shiraz
Come back from THR to IKA airport :

For the way back it seems that there is no such bus as to come from IKA to THR. I think it is true as as I previously mentioned the bus let me 100 meters away. But maybe there is a bus stop not so far. I will have to check next time (or if anybody has a clue). I did not want to pay 20$ to go so I quietly went to take a cup of coffee, saying no thanks for taxis. Of course many always came to ask me to take theirs, but 18 was always too much. After a while very quietly asking for checking if there was no bus, I finally had an offer for 15$ but by a taxi driver with an old very nice little car - so consumng less petrol than biggers as he told me. We had good time together ad it also took us about 45 minutes to go quick to IKA (a little bit more traffic than to come). Next time I will just try to find some other people going by taxi to IKA, finally cheaper if always no bus...!

IKA and THR airports
IKA and THR airports
MAP :.......................................-......................................

Last good bye ... before seeing back!
Last good bye ... before seeing back!
Lugguage check-in :

It took me just 5 minutes to chek in y bag either at Tehran to go to Shiraz, or at Esfahan and Tehran on the way back.

Published on Tuesday August 31th, 2010

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Wed, Sep 01 2010 - 12:00 PM rating by eirekay

Nico! Lots of good information! Thanks for sharing!

Tue, Aug 31 2010 - 10:41 PM rating by esfahani

lots of useful information, merci

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