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Tokyo - A travel report by Constance
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Tokyo,  Japan - flag Japan -  Tðkyð
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constance's travel reports

1-year academic stay

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Tokyo travelogue picture
I received a scholarship to go to Jochi Daigaku (Sophia University) in the heart of Tokyo. In the beginning I lived with a Japanese host-family but later moved into my own appartment. Tokyo is by far my most favorite city. It is so alive, full of entertainment, different people and has a somewhat futuristic atmoshpere - at least in some parts :) Of course after a while, too many people get annoying, but Tokyo offers some pretty nice parks. I can recommend to anyone going there.

Favourite spots:
Tokyo travelogue picture
Certainly you must see the skyscrapers, especially in the evening. Go up (free) the Sumitomo-Building and have a high view over the city. Then Harajuku - seeing funky girls, dressed up like in a movie, you will take many pictures here.
Akihabara is the electronic town - just take a look at the latest pieces of technology. Also the Sony Building in Ginza will offer you a world of innovation. In general I recommend just going to Shinjuku and Shibuya and walking with the masses. Those places are full of life and excitement. For some peace, take a blanket and lie on the grass in the Kitanomaru-Park (Ichigay) and forget that you are in a big city. And for a nice treat at the end, eat fantastic icecream at "Sweden" in Shibuya. If you want it a bit more romantic, go with your loved one to Odaiba, take a walk on the beach, enjoy the sunset and the joyful atmosphere and have dinner in a nice restaurant, enjoying the view.

What's really great:
Tokyo travelogue picture
That people are not so aggressive, that salespeople are friendly (coming from Germany with the unfriendliest salespeople that really is a pleasure itself), that you can walk at night safely without even thinking that something might happen, that a good public transportation system exists, that you can buy so many things ...
Tokyo offers so many things, that everyone finds something he likes: seeing Kabuki theatre and visiting for example the Edo-Tokyo-Museum for the cultural interested person, dancing all night in clubs for the night-person, going from one department store to the next and finding always new things, searching for some quiet and peace in some of the many parks, looking after the newest innovations in entertainment electronics,...
And finding always nice-dressed, friendly people with good manners.

Tokyo travelogue picture
Sony Building in Ginza for new products; Sumitomo-Building and Governmental Building in Shinjuku for a great view over the city and a really awesome skyscraper-area; Takashimaya and nearby Bookstore in Shinjuku; Harajuku - Yoyogi Park for funny young Japanese people; Akihabara for buying electronics; Imperial Garden in Tokyo; Edo-Tokyo-Museum in Ryogoku for cultural information; suburbs of Tokyo for experiencing the everyday life of Japanese (so different from the inner cities); just walking in Shinjuku and Shibuya; Beach at Odaiba; nightlife in the streets of Shibuya and Shinjuku;

1. Host Family - didn't like that very much
2. Private Appartment ( at Uguisudani (Nippori). Better than many gaijinhouses - it is very quiet, nobody bothers you, the room is very clean, no cockroaches, fully furnished with Bed, TV, Microwave, cooking plate, refrigerator, Fax, Phone and Internet. Own toilett and shower is also in the room.
only one minus-point: located in a small Red-Light-District - coming home at night as a western looking girl, that is quite annoying and sometimes depressing having those sick men approaching you.

First of all, most travel guides will suggest tourists to go to Roppongi, if they want to go to a club. I didn't like it much. The streets are full of (sorry) often stupid American GIs, trying to get every girl they see, but often lacking any intelligence, behaviour and manners.
I enjoyed much more to go to clubs in Shibuya, but of course, one has to try before finding a nice one.
Shibuya - Bar Isnt It (but I think they changed to a new name), there is another bar with the same name in Roppongi, I think, but not the same quality
Great atmosphere, great music and not so many Americans.
Shibuya - PI
Shinjuku - Sugar High

no idea

Of course, Tokyo offers lots of places to eat. You can spend your one week salary for one dinner, but you can also get away quite cheap and with a full stomach. In many of the sidestreets of Shinjuku you find one restaurant near the other, mainly Chinese and Japanese. Most of them just offer a very simple interior and tables but you get a bigger portion than in my of the nice and expensive restaurants. Find a good Sushi place (there is also some bad ones), I recommend the one in Shibuya on the main street a few meters away from the station(sorry, dont remember it more accurately)
And there is a nice Pizza-Place in Shinjuku (Shakkies or so). Not to forget the Japanese fast food places like Matsuya.

Published on Monday September 16th, 2002

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Wed, Sep 15 2004 - 11:33 PM rating by fieryfox

A very interesting and informative report.
Keep up the good work.

Thu, Feb 26 2004 - 03:28 PM rating by travelalain

It reminds me a bit of my one day visit to Tokyo.

Tue, Oct 21 2003 - 08:36 AM rating by whereisliz

Sounds like you enjoyed Tokyo much more than Abilene!

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