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Umag - A travel report by Samuel
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Umag,  Croatia - flag Croatia -  Istarska Zupanija
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Umag, old town and a croud of tourists

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It was summer 2004 and it was the first time for me in Croatia. It was very hot (always around 35-40°C - sorry don't know this in °F) and you heard very much 'bout woods burning down ( fortunatly only in Italy and not in Croatia). I went there with my family (my parents and my two sister have already been there one year ago) to visite my relatives and to have some nice days there. When I arrived I didn't expect to by in a country with a great touristic boom. But then we arrived at the campingside I was totally overwhelmed. The whole thing was bigger then I have ever expected. It was more like a all-inclusive-club then a campingside. The whole thing included a campingside (about 1 square-mile) and a even bigger town with appartments to rent, there was also a big tennis-center (also the Croatian-Open are hold there) and places to do other sports,many bars, restaurants and clubs... The whole thing lays in a nice bay, where the water clear and looks like imported from a caribian isle.

Favourite spots:
Very nice is the old part of Umag which has fortunately not get to know very much of the WWII and lays on a peninsula and is very little but very beautiful. There you can go shopping or sit in a restaurant and watch the romantic sunset. Very funny is to walk through the narrow streets and listen to the natives how want to sell you some souveniers (they have a very good quality and are often handmade)

What's really great:
What I like special were my relatives ( but I think you won't go there, only to see my relatives ;) ). But I also like Umag (and not only the older part). Also nice is the older part of Rovinje and the old roman buildings in Pula.

There are two campingplaces in Umag. The one I was and one 5 min away from Umag (this one is much bigger, about 4-5 squaremiles I think).
If you don't like camping you cuold also rent an appartment or check in a hotel. (as you can see nothing is missing)

unfortunatly I wasn't able to visite one but one important thing. Most of the clubs open at about 11 pm

There are some restaurants at the campingside I was at and there are also some in the older part of Umag and also in the town itself.
I think all are very nice but if you like the romantic restaurants try the ones int the older part of Umag.
You should never miss is to eat seefood and the nativ meals there ... they are very delicious (if you like seefood and nativ meals ;) ).

Published on Wednesday October 1th, 2003

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Mon, Aug 07 2006 - 02:35 AM rating by marianne

Interesting report. It sound like a nice place. Wish you had added some pictures.

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