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mamielle Ushuaia - A travel report by Marielle
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Ushuaia,  Argentina - flag Argentina -  Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur
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Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world

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We are travelling in Chile on December 2003. We went to Punta Arenas where we took a little plane with DAP, the aeroline of Patagonia, to Ushuaia. The flight over “la Cordillière des Andes” was wonderful ! And we arrived to Ushuaia.

Ushuaia sight's boat
Ushuaia sight's boat
The city of Ushuaia is located on the shore of the Beagle Channel and surrounded by the Martial Mounts. It is the capital of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctic and Island of the South Atlantic. Having marine excursions over the catamaran or just walking in Ushuaia downtown, shopping a little bit: all of that keeping on eye the wonderful landscape of the city and surroundings from every panoramic point. Bird watching and the close observation of the sea life (penguins, sea lions, seagulls, seals, etc.) in their natural state is something you can experience in a few places in the world as in Ushuaia.

Favourite spots:
Ushuaia convict prison
Ushuaia convict prison
A must visit, where there are even wax statues of the most famous criminals that were sent to that place. This historical prison was shut down in 1947. Nowadays most of it still stands conserving its original state, with the cells used by the convicted, their stone walls and the bars and grids. It has become a museum: Museo Museo Marítimo y el presidio de Ushuaia. The central hall is used as a lecture room. From there, you access the cell areas. Many cells keep memorabilia from the last prisoners that lived in them. Then there is another area, the Pabellón 4, where there is a Marine Museum showing Tierra del Fuego's past right from the days of those first explorers that came from Europe. “El Museo del fin del Mundo” where you can see 180 birds’s species, different things of prisoners, every things on Ushuaia’s story and last Indian’s memories.

What's really great:
Los Lobos Island
Los Lobos Island
We are going for a cruise on the Beagle Channel.The experience of sailing the Beagle Channel in a small boat cannot be missed ! First, you will sail around the coast of the bay with a beautiful view of the most important buildings. Then, the boat heads southwest to the center of the Beagle Channel, arriving at the Eclaireurs Light House, which stands on a small island in the archipelago of the same name. Further along, we head towards the Isla de Los Lobos (Sea Lions' Island), which we will circumnavigate for about 20 minutes. This will give us plenty of time to observe the magnificent sea lions that reside there. And finally, the last leg of our journey will take us to Isla de Los Pájaros (Bird Island), where magnificent imperial cormorants, Magellan cormorants, Fullman petrels, giant petrels, squas and albatross can be observed. You then return to Ushuaia with the spectacular Martial mountains visible in the background. It was a really wonderfull trip !

The Tierra del Fuego National Park
The Tierra del Fuego National Park
“El Tren del fin del Mundo” . It is another of Ushuaia's attractions. This railway's history is, as almost everything in this city, linked to the prisoners of the legendary jail. An elegant and antique formation of heated wagons, with wide windows and pulled by a steam locomotive, will take you along a 8 Km. long tour departing from the End of World Station up to the Tierra del Fuego National Park Station. The round trip total time is 1 hour 40 minutes, approximate. Most of the way you will go bordering River Pipo. This will allow you to see a reconstruction of a yámana settlement while you enter a dense and beautiful wood of cohiues and lengas, meaning that you are already inside the National Park.

Cormorants on Los Pajaros Island
Cormorants on Los Pajaros Island
There are a lot of accomodations at all prices, you must go to the visitors center.

Bridges Island
Bridges Island
If you need internet cafe you must go to Bananas cafe. The chipest cafe and you can eat fast food.
And there is a little casino, but it's very difficult to play because there are a lot of people!!

Cordillières des Andes sight plane
Cordillières des Andes sight plane
You can go to the Pueblo where you heard local and national group. It's very sympathetic with a good ambiance.

Iles Bridges - bird sitting on eggs
Iles Bridges - bird sitting on eggs
You must absolutely eat “parrilladas” , meat’s assortment, end the fabulous “centollas”, kind of giant crab of 2 kg. The “Moustacchio it was sympathetic restaurant with a good atmosphere.

Other recommendations:
Martial Glacier
Martial Glacier
To visit the Martial Glacier you have to travel over 7 km of gravel in order to arrive at the base of the Martial mountain chain, where there is a ski slope. You then take a chair lift for 1100 meters in order to arrive at the top. There, you will feel as if you have reached the foot of the end of the world. Towards one side you will be able to see a panorama of the Beagle Channel and on the other side you will see the Martial Glacier. If you want to get closer to the Glacier you must walk about 2 km. You don’t want to miss this trip!

Published on Monday January 30th, 2006

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Thu, Apr 20 2006 - 01:00 AM rating by santiagov

A Petit Bijoux :)
Other day will tell you about the story of a criminal that lodged in that prision, famous "El Petizo Orejudo" who killed his victims with spikes and a hammer..

Wed, Mar 01 2006 - 09:56 AM rating by marianne

Beautiful description and stunning pictures. So far I did not read any of your reports, I'll now give myself a treat and read the next one.

Thu, Feb 02 2006 - 09:51 PM rating by mikebarton

made me ENVIOUS!! ;)

Wed, Feb 01 2006 - 09:55 PM rating by ehs1193

Looks very different from what I expected. Glaciers! Who knew?

Tue, Jan 31 2006 - 07:51 AM rating by frenchfrog

A perfect report! I have one more thing to add than the others: Super! super! super........GENIAL, FANTASTIC!

Mon, Jan 30 2006 - 02:56 PM rating by jorgesanchez

Tres bien ecrit!

Mon, Jan 30 2006 - 12:16 PM rating by davidx

Another splendid report

Mon, Jan 30 2006 - 11:25 AM rating by rangutan

Brilliant report on a very remote place (extra *) some of us can only dream of visiting. Excellent pictures too. Not errors, a few unconventional grammar uses but if one reads the report in a french accent, perfect! I could not do better, magnifique!

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