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Xiamen - A travel report by Bino
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Xiamen,  China - flag China -  Fujian
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fattybearyus's travel reports

Xiamen City China

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Xiamen (Simplified Chinese: 厦门; Traditional Chinese: 廈門; Pinyin: Xiàmén; Wade-Giles: Hsiamen) is a coastal sub-provincial city in southeastern Fujian province, People's Republic of China.

Xiamen is also known as Amoy internationally, especially in the old times. In the Amoy vernacular, the city name is Ē-mn̂g (using the POJ romanization). The toponym literally means The Gate of the Grand Mansion. The place was made Tong'an District (同安-2291;) in 282, a sub-entity of Jin'an Prefecture (晉安-7089;). In 1387, the Ming Dynasty used it as base against pirates, and was part of Quanzhou. Koxinga stationed here in 1650, naming it Siming Island (思明-7954;), or Remembering the Ming, but the city was renamed by the Manchus in 1680 to Xiamen Subprefecture. The name Siming was reverted after the 1912 Xinhai Revolution and made a county. The following it was reverted to Xiamen City. In 1949, Xiamen became a provincial city (省轄-4066;), then upgraded to a vice-province-class city (副省-2026;市), or a municipality. It was made a Special Economic Zone in 1980. Xiamen was the port of trade first used by Europeans in 1541. It was China's main port in the 19th century for exporting tea. As a result, the Amoy dialect had a major influence on how Chinese terminology was translated into English and other European languages. For example, the words Amoy, tea (茶; tê), cumshaw (感謝; kám-siā), ketchup (茄汁; kiô-chiap), and Pekoe (白毫; pe̍h-hô) originated from the Amoy dialect. Xiamen was one of the five Chinese treaty ports opened by the Treaty of Nanjing (signed in 1842) at the end of the First Opium War between Britain and China. In 2000, the largest corruption scandal in China's history was uncovered, implicating up to 200 government officials. [edit] Geography and climate Xiamen comprises Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Island, and a larger region along the mouth of Jiulong River on the continent. Huli District and most of Siming District (except Gulangyu) are on Xiamen Island, while the other four districts lie on the continent. Xiamen Island is located very close to the island of Quemoy, which is governed by the Republic of China (based on Taiwan). from Wikipedia

Favourite spots:
Gu Lang Yu or the famous island is cool. In the island there are many things to do already, it's like sentosa to me, with an aquarium and places to roam.

What's really great:
What I like about Xiamen is that for me, a metropolis without the pollution, its climate is nice, not hot not cold, just right and comfortable. Just enjoy the city without the hussle.

Sheraton, HongDu

Published on Sunday April 30th, 2006

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Mon, May 01 2006 - 07:28 AM rating by davidx

Your first report and you've obviously done a lot of research for it. However it is generally better to give a basic idea of the place as it comes over to you before giving history and even then, though the history of a place is important to visitors, keep that part short.
Short on detail other than history. I'm sure you'll gain from the website Marianne quotes.

Sun, Apr 30 2006 - 10:38 PM rating by marianne

Welcome to Globo. So good of you to step in and write a first report at once. All that you write is very interesting, but what we do at Globo is that we write reports ourselves.
Have a look at:
It may help you to write future reports.
I hope to see more reports and some photos.

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