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Mags's Travel log

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The journey not the arrival matters.
T.S. Eliot

Enjoy my journey!

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Jul 30, 2005 02:00 PM Return from Siem Reap to Bangkok!!

The day started early and we left the guesthouse at about 7am. I was dubious about how prompt the bus would leave and rightly so! We were about 40 minutes late in leaving and unfortunately i got one of the back seats over the wheel which left me with a minimum of leg room. I knew what to expect as i had done the outward journey along the same unsealed road only a couple of days earlier. I spent the most part of the journey absorbing the landscape and surrounding countryside in between being lifted from my seat as the driver raced over the hole ridden road! A couple of unscheduled stops were much welcomed so that i could get some feeling back into my legs!!!! The 7 hour journey seemed quicker on the way back!!

The immigration at the border was pretty chaotic due to the huge numbers of Thai gamblers trying to get back over the border from the huge casinos just beyond the border.

The most awful thing was probably the numbers of children around the border point begging for money. I found myself asking if i had become hardened to this or was it that if you gave money to one child this often created an instant crowd of other children surrounding and asking for the same.

We eventually got onto a more luxurious bus back to Bangkok somewhat exhuasted by the whole days travel.

Jul 18, 2005 02:00 PM Mae Tang - Elephants and Rafting!

Hired a truck and headed out of Chiang Mai to pick up an old friend who lives locally and knows people who run the elephant trek and rafting tours.
Although i had done a couple of elephant treks in the past my nephew was very keen to experience one too!!! We had a rather disobedient elephant that enjoyed being rather disobedient!!!! It was fun though. My nephew seemed a little unsure about trying the white water rafting but then decided it was an opportunity that he could not miss!!!! Had great fun heading down the river and getting extremely wet..i hadn't dressed with the intention of getting soaked through to the skin!!!
This evening we relaxed with Italian dinner at a place behind Chiang Mai University - tasty and good value! Then off to the Central Mall for a quick game of bowling, or rather a whitewash!!!!!!

Jul 12, 2005 02:00 PM Thailand here i come!

Managed to get through London despite the ongoing Underground problems and increased security following the terrorist bombings last week.
Met my nephew off his internal flight and headed off on our Royal Jordanian flight to Amman.

Was not too happy in Amman to be told that the ongoing flight to Bangkok was overbooked and would we like to stay an extra night and visit the Dead Sea. Under other circumstanmces i would have but as i had a friend meeting me in Bangkok i insisted we make the flight we were booked on!!!!!!

Service on the flights was pretty good considering i have heard many conflicting reports...

May 05, 2005 02:00 PM Abuja - capital of Nigeria

After all of my work was completed i managed to escape from the hotel for a few hours to see some of the city. A driver took me to see the impressive national mosque, the government building, the city gate and a wide array of modern buildings that have sprung up in the capital city. Building work seems to be happening at a rapid pace although on the outskirts life seemed more basic and rural.
Went to the top of one of the hills where a Tv station was placed and had a fantastic view over the whole city. The people there seemed rather perturbed by my presence there especially when they saw my camera!! Some dispute and macho bravado followed between my driver and one of the men, which thankfully ended amicably!!!! Did not fancy the thought of a Nigerian prison cell!!!

Nov 22, 2004 07:00 PM New London, Connecticut

A short cab ride got me to the Boston MBTA blue line. After a couple of line changes i reached Boston South Station for my Amtrak ride to New London. The MBTA is really easy to use, especially if you have had to use the London Underground. Tokens for a journey are just $1.25.
The Amtrak train was an improvement on some of the trains i have used in the UK! It was busy as the line passes through many college towns and most of the students seemed to be heading home for Thanksgiving.
It was great to be met at the station by my friend! We headed off to Connecticut College where her room-mate had fun practicing her tourist guide skills as she showed me around. The college has a huge Arboretum for those who have a passion for things green!
Rounded off the evening with the usual 3 hour Bollywood movie!

Nov 21, 2004 07:00 PM To Boston!

Endured the rush hour underground in London to reach Heathrow. The 3 hour flight to Reykjavik seemed to pass quickly. Was able to see some of Iceland from the air just as darkness fell. Flew over the southern most tip of Greenland and was able to make out the glaciers and lakes below.
The hotel i had booked was a short ride from the airport - booked for convenience.
Tomorrow it is on to New London, Connecticut.

Nov 12, 2004 07:00 PM Deepawali at Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Usual M25 traffic nightmare made a journey through central London necessary. Arrived at temple to find hundreds of people here to celebrates Deepawali - the festival of lights.
Hard to believe that all of this beautiful marble was carved in India and then brought to the Uk and constructed into this ornate temple. Joined the throng to go inside to see the many Hindu gods.
Great food afterwards - puri and dosa masala!

Nov 11, 2004 07:00 PM Deepawali!

Deepawali ko subhakamana!

Been in touch with the Indian and Nepalese i know to wish them happy Deepawali. Off to the big Hindu temple in Neasden in the morning.

Have found myself logging into Globo at the oddest hours when i can't sleep!

Nov 09, 2004 07:00 PM USA- here i come!

Very pleased to get my airline tickets today for my upcoming visit to the States. Flying to Boston via Reykjavik. Then head to Connecticut and maybe the Big Apple if time permits!

Nov 04, 2004 07:00 PM Rye - town on the hill

Inspired by a globo report i decided to visit the picturesque town of Rye. It was a quaint place that lends itself to the photographic eye. I hope to upload some pictures soon. The cobbled streets were enchanting.
A visit to the church and castle museum are worthwhile too.

Then headed to Dungeness, which is overshadowed by a huge nuclear plant. The small huts and homes dotted along the shingle look odd against this backdrop.

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