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Matt's Travel log

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Ello!!! welcome to my travel log medubery!! After my accident Im looking forward to getting some serious travelling about "itchy feet" Ive fair nearly sctatched mine off!!! Enjoy!!!!!!

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Jan 31, 2005 07:00 PM America the Beuatiful!!!

Wow!!!.... I was suposed to be in England again now..... but Im still here in Washington D.C. .....due to an unforseable accurance I may be here sometime!!! I cant say too much at this point in time... but do not be all.... shes amazing!!

Ill fill you all in on whats been happening at a later date!!..just in case your wondering.... shes not a stripper either!!! far from it ....shes amazing!!!

Jan 20, 2005 07:00 PM be normal!!!!!

Common-sense would dictate that if a person who had ,had major surgery on both legs, and whom was due to have more surgery done on them and was suffering from pain in them, that said person would rest said legs. Well I did Kinda..... I hit the streets of Washington today by mountainbike. This City is awesome for bikes. In the U.K. we are prohibited by law to run red lights, mount the sidewalk and ride with wrekless abandon.......not here!!! It was soooooo good , I was all over it today... I hit the Capitol building, the Supreme Court and headed down the Mall...running red lights right in front of the cops who didnt even bat an eyelid!! Its so much beter than the metro and MUCH better than walking for me.... until I dropped off a curb that was misleadingly rather large. No worries though .. I also got to Union Station and Columbus Fountain with the Liberty Bell and Stanton Park....Had a few near misses, one with a bus, one with a stationery truck and a few with cabs but apart from parping horns , a quick smile and they were happy again!! I love this City!!!!..... Oh and I bought a Hot Dog with onions and all the works from a street vendor....had to be done!!!.... I got chatting to one of the cycle curriers I met whilst out and about and he said all the laws for cyclists were dropped because all the govenors in their offices wanted their parcels and packages as quickly as possible so they amended the laws for cyclists.....sweeeeeeeet!!! Its not surfing but its the biggest buz Ive had since my accident!!!
I was suposed to sort out the strippers for my mates stag party but Im being a good boy and resting tonight...early to bed and a good nights rest......who knows what tomorrow will bring...........gosh I love travelling!!!!!

Goodnight..sweet dreams

Jan 19, 2005 07:00 PM Museums, Museums, Museums!!!!!!!

Holly Ned!!!
Ive just done three in one day.......thats a record for me!! The first was the Holocaust Museum, I hired a wheelchair for this one because theres alot to see and my legs were giving me hell today. There are 4 floors , this place is Super informative, and extreamly harrowing. Please be cautioned this place is not for the faint of heart , some of the photos brought tears to my eyes....I think every human being on the planet should see this museum, there is no way any human could not be touched on some level by the attrocities suffered by so many. This place is a serious eye opener.....not just to a terrible period of history but to things that are going on now in places like Sudan.... If you are ever in D.C. and you only get chance to see one museum....then it has to be this one!
On a lighter next stop was to two art museums..The Freer Gallery/ Arthur M. Sackler Gallery....and the African Arts Gallery ....Truthfully .... I dont know much about the art world but I know what I like when I see it and I certainly know beauty when I see it. Even the buildings were stunning ,there was an Asian Arts exhibition with some awesome pieces but I prefered the African stuff with an exhuberant use of colour....wonderfull stuff!!!!
Some Bush fella was being sworn in for a second term ,I wont go into that......but he didnt half make the place busy...the inconsiderate so and so even had the gaul to shut down parts of D.C. and some of the Metro stations......anybody would think he was the President or something!!!! DOH!!!! heheheheh
All this excersise and beauty gives a fella a hunger, so my mate took me to an Ethiopian resteraunt, WOW!! no knives and forks we had the biggest plate ever and on some large thin Ethiopian bread sat 5 different vegtable dishes and a meat they said was Lamb cooked in a red Berber sauce...who the hell was I to argue!!! it was DELICIOUSE and cheap too!! Im no food critic........but I like what I like and I LIKED advice ...go get some!!!
On the agenda for tomorrow, I have to sort out the strippers for my mates Stag party....I have no idea why he chose me for this task!!!!!! Ah well ...could be another mad Nedkelly experience!!. Stay tuned ...same time ...same bat channel for another episode of "Nedkelly does D.C.!!!"

ciao for now


Jan 18, 2005 07:00 PM SNOW!!!!!!

Oh my Gosh..what a contrast !!! Yesterday perfect blue sky and sun to die and lots of it... I had alot of pain in my legs today from yesterdays museum trip.. But while I was waiting for my friend to get off work I took myself for a walk round the neighbourhood...In the snow.... I chatted to the locals and helped an old lady clear her steps of snow and lay down salt so she could get in and out of her house without slipping. She was called Joan and she invited me in for a warm cup of chocolate and some cookies... hey free food...Im all over it...we chatted about the neighbourhood and that the president will be (excuse spelling!!) inougerated tomorrow and there is to be a big procession and everything!!...She was a sweetheart !!
When my mate got back from work he had to do some chores ... Laundry and a bit of shopping......Strangly even the most menial of tasks become really interesting when your in a foriegn country.. I love grocery shopping in the states there are so many different sorts of food its awesome. I could get lost for hours in the massive supermarkets hear..... and I very nearly did!!! heheheheeh!!! We bought more Tortillas for tomorrows breakfast of my favorite foods in the whole world!!!
Tomorrow Im gonna go rent a wheelchaire and get round some museums, Holocaust and some other random museum!!!
Wish me luck!!! Ciao for now....

P.S. yesterdays "Flatliners" have a tendancy to reapeat on one.....enjoy them...but procede with extream caution!!!....Remember the old saying..." If its hot n' spicy on the way in then....hehehehe when its on the way out the next morning......dont be around any naked flames!!!!! hehehehehe

Jan 17, 2005 07:00 PM Guns and Chicken Wings!!!!!

Holly Ned Its cold here!!!!!

Its about -5 but the sky is sooooooo blue!!! Today I went to the Headquaters of the National Rifle Association here in D.C. They have one of the largest collections of firearms in the world and some realy good historical information about the wars that shaped the U.S. as we know it today!! They also have a shooting range, I shot about 150 rounds of Amo from all sorts of handguns.
I havnt eaten this much in months.... the highlight being " Flatliner" chicken wings........ I cant express in words how hot these babies were!!! Oh My Gosh !!!! you have to sign a legal waiver before they will let you eat them!! .... and to compliment these I had a rather apptly sounding named beer called " Foggy Bottom"........ though I think that is the morning afters consiquence of the night befores Flatliners!!!!!!
Tomorrow..... after the neccessary medical treatement for the affore mentioned intake of Flatliners.... I hope to go see some buildings........ aparently there are quite a few here!!!! Please wish me luck!!!....


Jan 16, 2005 07:00 PM Washington baby!!!

Hmmmmm , bit dubious about this one, no surfboard , just me a tuxedo ,the only single guy at a wedding....... and a whole bunch of museums to visit.... watch this space!!!!

Jan 01, 1970 12:00 AM Australia...sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

I finlly made it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

been here for 4 months just living in Manly surfing everyday living the dream life rocks!!!!!!!!!!

this place is awesome

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