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Elodie's Travel log

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Jun 05, 2002 02:00 PM Desert song of Oman

Arriving at Seeb International Airport, I removed my raincoat and wondered if I had brough enough sweaters, having been transferred through tunnels off the plane, oblivious to the fact that the temperature outside was a cool 38 degrees. I knew that it was Seeb international airport Hotel that I was staying at and had ben told to look for a car with the hotels name on. I couldn't see it so found a taxi. after a ride 20 minutes or so we finally arrived at the hotel and on walking to the hotel entrance saw the airport cab I was supposed to catch pull up behind the taxi. black and gold Chrysler Grand Voyager with total blackouts and a small but perfectly formed Gold Script logo on the door - 'Seeb International Hotel' Drinks cabinet and airconditioning as standard....what really made me smile was the fact that as I loked out past the front gate of the Hotel I could see the large sign over the gates on the other side of the road -'Seeb International Airport'........ Had better go get washed up and scrub the word 'Sucker' from my forehead...

Oct 01, 1999 02:00 PM Picnic in Moscow

Started the first leg of the Journey from Manchester Airport with a work coleague..The first time in my life I had ever flown. Indeed, only the second time in my life I left the country... Late starter or what! What I didn't realise was that I was about to catch more than just a plane.

'The' bug.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is just a damn scary place. Even though we had an invitation (to work) and all the correct documents, had been briefed in correct protocol for potential negotiation problems, small stocky Russian women dressed in tight military uniform with itchy trigger fingers pointing their kalashnikov at you are dreadfully disarming!

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