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Uluru Highlights of Istanbul 
Everyone knows that it is the only city in the world that sites on two continents, in the west Europ... more

Uluru My Turkey Rendezvous 
My 14-days tour began in Istanbul ( which is the only city in the world that lies on two continents... more

Uluru Istanbul travel report 
We were on a ship that went from the Aegean Sea and through the Straits of the Dardanelles and into... more

Uluru City between two Continents 
Istanbul (previously called Constantinople), being centred around ancient oriental civilisation, is... more

Uluru first international vacation 
this was my first time to travel outside the United States....and what a vacation it was.

A trip from Van to Istanbul 
I like travelling a lot and I still like it. My journey to Turkey began some years ago started some... more

Crossroads of cultures 
Istanbul straddles two continents and is home to a wide diversity of cultures. It is a unique city b... more

Uluru Turkey - Istanbul... 
Turkey is a very open city and it actually lies between both Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus connects... more

Uluru Istanbul-overall break down! 
By far, the most amazing city I have visited in everyway. Istanbul has something for people of all i... more

less mentioned activities 
1. Chora Church. One of the best byzantine churches in Europe 2. Public boat ride up the Bosphorus... more

Uluru Where East meet West... 
Like all capitals we came across in our drive going back to Europe Istanbul is also one huge city. W... more

Istanbul on business 
I was there teaching a class for 3 days. It was tough to concentrate after the prayers broadcast on... more

Uluru Istanbul - 
And on my way back to the airport i had to pay again even though i showed my confirmation print... more


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